Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mommyhood's 1st "How To" Post

Today I am writing my 1st "how to" post.  I heard this helps draw people to your blog.  You need to write something people will bookmark for reference.

I am only skilled in so many precious areas.  I needed something bookmark-worthy.  I wracked my Mommy Brains until I came up with...

This is a very informative post.  Or an admission of a serious addiction.  Either way, it does not change my sincere love and appreciation for ice cream and its proper preparation.

Ice cream is my must have every evening.  I look forward to it like my munchkins look forward to bounce houses at carnivals.

Ice cream is my wine.  My cold beer.  My book to snuggle up to.  I take my need to unwind with a bowl of ice cream as seriously as I take clean underwear.

I never run out.
I didn't feel this picture did my stash justice, so I rearranged to showcase the beauty of my ice cream selection.
I just counted 9 half gallon containers of ice cream.  I buy at least 3 half gallons a week.  Sometimes more.  My first step in how to eat ice cream is to make certain you have a decent selection.

Step #1: Selection is key.

Not only do I take my stash seriously, I take ice cream preparation seriously as well.

Sprinkles (which are a must) go in the bowl 1st.  This is the only surefire way to control sprinkle distribution.
Step #2:  Sprinkles and any other topping goes on the bottom.  

I always have a minimum of two flavors in the bowl.  Variety is the spice of life.

I also must scoop at least four servings, preferably more.  Whoever decided a 1/2 cup of ice cream was an appropriate serving size either hates women or has never enjoyed this cold, creamy, heavenly creation.  Either way I refuse to accept his (could have only been a man) definition of a serving size.
Step #3:  Choose at least two flavors, and scoop at least four servings.

Once ice cream is scooped and extra sprinkles are in place, I always add whipped cream.
Step #4:  Always add whipped cream or some other sinful topping.  

This sugar infested concoction graces my presence every evening anytime after 9:15pm.  Munchkin dessert is served after dinner.  Mommy dessert is served after bedtime.

I adore our time together too much to share.
 Step #5:  Eat privately and in peace to ensure maximum enjoyment.

Mommyhood Footnote:  I offset this dessert gutbomb with cardio, running laundry up and down two flights of stairs (whoever decided basements are perfect for laundry is just as much a loser as whoever created the serving size for ice cream) and chasing munchkins.  If you choose to indulge, activity is a must.  Mommyhood stresses the importance of sweat.

If you can't fit cardio into your day, just bring your children to a public place such as the library.  


  1. LOL love this post! But now I want some ice cream, and there is NONE in my freezer ahhhhh!

  2. How decadent! Now I want some ice cream!

  3. Yum! I LOVE ice cream. I may have to stop and the store to add to my selection. I just finished a container and only have one left! =(

  4. very nice! :) I am working so so so hard on getting more blog traffic :(... not working!

    Maybe I'll try a post like this! :)

  5. Hey, it looks good to me. We had a sundae bar set up on the dining room table last night. I made one with vanilla ice cream, Butterscotch topping, Sweet Honey Vanilla topping from pampered chef, and whipped cream. It was GOOD.
    I'm stopping by and following now from Bloggy Mom December Blog hop. I'd love for you to stop by:

  6. Hi, I am following you from the It's almost Friday blog hop! Wow, that is a lot of ice cream but it looks ohh so good! I hope you have a wonderful day


    I learned how to properly eat ice cream from my grandfather. It is only fitting that my mother named me for him.

    You seriously missed out. What's with that bowl? No the proper container for your ice cream is a brandy snifter. I never saw brandy, or any other alcohol for that matter, in my grandfather's home. Why he had two brandy snifters is completely lost on me. However that is your ice cream bowl. It's massive. And your ice cream concoction must fill the brandy snifter. Oh yeah. Serving sizes on ice cream are to be ignored.

    I also like my ice cream to get a little soft. There's something about melty ice cream that is just delightful. Ice cream cones are evil. You waste such good ice cream as it dribbles down your arm.

    Excellent post! If I ever meet you in real life, I'm giving you a brandy snifter. :)


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