Friday, December 24, 2010

NYC: Our Day in Pictures

Today we had a marvelous day in the Big Apple.


We were invited to see a musical, ImaginOcean, and I was intrigued.  The musical is for children, written by John Tartaglia.

Remember Johnny and the Sprites?  On Disney Channel?

Mommy brains remember everything according to children's television, literature or toys.  That's how the cookie crumbles.

A major bonus to getting tickets to see ImaginOcean, was that I desperately wanted to take my older kids to NYC for Christmas. 

I wanted to take them last year too, but December flew by in the blink of my Christmas loving eyes.

The only roadblock to my day in NYC with my children?  My complete and total fear of NYC.  I am a NYC novice. 

My mother raised us to be in fear of just about everything.  It worked beautifully.

I was afraid to do anything for fear it would kill me, put me in the hospital or impair me severely.

This included but was not limited to: Running with any object what-so-ever, speaking to anyone outside our circle of friends, playing with balloons, using kitchen appliances and utensils and visiting NYC.

NYC was a dangerous, scary, dirty place.  Just a mention of the place blinded my mother with panic.

This tiny problem, my fear of the city and my inability to get around by myself, put quite a damper on my big plans to take the munchkins in for the day.

Luckily I have several siblings to draw from when I need a surrogate husband or a buddy for any event.

My brother Travis, with his exquisite knowledge of getting around NYC, won the job.

And he toured us around beautifully.

We did it all. 

We began with the train.  The train ride ranked in the top 3 "favorites" for my nine year old son.

Can anyone say "sheltered"?
Hot off the subway, we exited into Times Square.  The moment my two oldest munchkins walked up into the street made the entire day worthwhile.  They gazed up, took in the sights of Times Square, and they simultaneously gasped, "Wooowwwww". 

It made my Mommy Heart sing.  For so long I wanted them to experience NYC in all it's glory.  And here we were, in the heart of Times Square.
Braving the cold, we visited Toys R' Us, the Disney Store, and took in the sights as we walked to Rockefeller Center.
We took a pit stop and hit the Nintendo Store.  Not even in my son's wildest dreams has he imagined such a heavenly place.   
After a small purchase (I'm such a Snazzy, yet practical Mom), we continued onto Rockefeller Center.  I have imagined taking my munchkins to see the tree and the rink for years.  This was the highlight of my day.
The highlight for my munchkins was watching St. Nick work his magic on the ice skating rink.
When we started to freeze up again from the lack of walking, we hustled over to American Girl so my daughter could dream big, expensive dreams.  She then bought one of the only things under $20 in the store: a tiny stuffed dog. 

And she was happy as a clam.
With two happy munchkins, my brother insisted we head over to Saint Patrick's Cathedral.  I'm extremely thankful we did.

We were finally ready to feed our tourist tummies, and my original frugal mom plan was something cheap.  One step up from McDonald's.  We went another route.
Word on the street was that Angelina and Brad had taken their kids here once upon a time.

I was sold.

I was also charged admission to get inside and eat. Yes, I just said "admission".  To go inside a restaurant.

I was also charged $15.00 for a club sandwich.  We weren't in Kansas anymore.

But we did see aliens.
We finished our day at ImaginOcean.  A perfect place to sit, relax and thank all that is holy you are inside and warm.

Look at these warm, happy "not as sheltered because they are in NYC" faces.

After the show, which was just long enough and enjoyed by all, we headed to the subway to begin our trek home.

What a rockin' day.

And I'm still alive.  A miracle.



  1. I LOVE the city. How many years until the Moysell traveling circus clan can go there together?? LOL!! Will our two oldest boys have to be in college or your youngest be married w/ kids of her own?? :)

  2. Wow! What an awesome, fun-filled day in NYC. Have a very Merry Christmas!


  3. Ok, love this post! I, also, have a dream to take my kids to the Big Apple for Christmas one year! I love that you got to do it! Your kids will never forget it. I went once on a senior high Chorus trip and I swore that I would take my kids there one day. 3 kids down and that has yet to happen...but it will. :) Merry Christmas!

  4. Jodes:

    Sounds like you & your munchkins had a wonderful day. You're pretty close to top of the list on the mommyhood scale - be happy & proud of it!

    Love you!

    Uncle Gates & Maurice.


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