Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teacher Gifts

If you teach any of my children stop reading now.  This will ruin one of the 25 gifts you will receive this holiday season.

I'm 99.9% certain I didn't need to write that forewarning.

Am I awake yet?

This year, I continued on my quest to give teacher gifts that were useful.  I can only imagine how much stuff teachers accumulate. If they have 25 students, that's 100 gifts every four years.

That's a lot of candles.

This is why I struggle with the teacher gift shopping.  Yes, I have given the almighty gift card.  Teachers must sing to the heavens when they open that little sucker. 

This year I went a different route.
I gave something that wouldn't take up space.  And it wasn't a gift card.

I gave the gift of helping to teach a child to read.  A donation in their honor*.  How perfect, the teachers are helping children to read and they don't have to teach them.  It's like giving a paid vacation.

And even though I was loving my gift, I couldn't stay away from a little "stuff" to go with it.

I figured hand soap is always a good bet with all the germs floating around those classrooms.  And chocolates are a good bet with all the chaos floating around those classrooms.  And once used, you throw them out.  They disappear.  I LOVE when my munchkins get fun gifts that disappear.

Like a craft set.  Craft one night and it's gone.  Poof!
I can never resist a classy Chinese food box to package gifts.  
Can Chinese food boxes be classy? 
I am feeling like a champion because my teacher gifts are bowed and sitting awaiting distribution.  Like a domestic goddess.  I won't be running around at 11pm on December 22nd trying to find candles to re-gift.
But all re-gifting hope is not lost.  I have two bus drivers.  I have thought about buying them their Dunkin' Donuts gift cards every time I pass Dunkin' Donuts.  "Pass" being the key work in that sentence.

I love to punish myself.  I secretly love the adrenaline rush when I realize at 11pm on December 22nd I have no gifts for the bus drivers.

Such a bad ass adrenaline junkie.

*Samaritan's Purse has an online gift catalog. Click here.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You're good!! BTW my husband is a school bus driver! #1 gift - Dunkin' Donut's gift card! #2 gift - homemade choc chip cookies! Maybe he needs to drive your kids????

  2. Gift in their honor is a great idea!! What program did you use for that??

  3. Such great ideas, I may totally have to copy you! xo

  4. gosh.. I don't get anything for the nurse, principal, art teacher, or any other extra teacher .... and I still have 6 teachers to gift (1 main preschool teacher, 2 assistants, 1 preschool speech pathologist, 1 Kindergarten teacher, and one private speech pathologist) ...
    for the four preschool ones, I went in on a group giftcard for each to Target.. I'm getting small giftcards for the private SP and K teacher... and all are getting home-made chocolate treats from me

    I also think you will really enjoy a recent blogging of mine,

  5. This is BRILLIANT!! Sure beats the ornaments that I have wrapped and ready to go...


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