Thursday, December 9, 2010

Win a Luxury Vacation! Did you hear me? You could win a luxury vacation!

I received the opportunity to promote this on my blog.
It took me a hot second to jump on board.  Why not?  You can't win unless you're "in"...and what is there to lose?
I am a firm believer in tossing the "it won't be me" attitude out the window.
My son, an old soul to the core, wanted SO badly to win the DSi at the holiday gift fair last year. 

Trouble is, the raffle tickets were $1 a pop.  Sorry kiddo, but Mama ain't buying.

The second day of the gift fair I was working his little table selling homemade dog biscuits.  He leaned over to help someone and his back pocket caught my eye.

Money always catches my eye.

There was a $1 bill tucked inside.  Not tucked very well I might add.

I inquired about this $1.  Where did it come from?  What was the intended purpose?

My sweetheart of a son flushed red.  He thought I would be angry.  He proceeded to tell me he brought the dollar from his wallet at home.

He wanted to buy a raffle ticket for the DSi.

At this very moment I felt awful for being such a hope killing scrooge and refusing to buy him a $1 raffle ticket.  He was a good kid.  He didn't have any interest in any of the $0.50 raffles.  My kid was like that.  he wanted what he wanted.  Case closed.

I told him I was not angry at all, and it was his money.  He could spend it on whatever he wished.

I can still see him walking over to the table and buying his single ticket.  And writing his name and teacher on the back.

I can also still see the jug filled to the rim with hundreds of tickets.  Hundreds.

I can also still see myself at Target, that very afternoon, when my cell phone rang.  And it was the school.  I was expecting the nurse on the other end.

I hear from the school nurse often.

Much to my surprise, it was the secretary, and she was calling to tell me my son couldn't ride the bus home that day because he just won the DSi.

I was so excited for my little guy, who dreamed big, and who had never won anything in his life.

I was so excited I left Target without my $15 bag of dog food.

The point to my story?  Hey, the winner may just be you.

Lust Luxe Trips of a Lifetime

JustLuxe is the largest affluent lifestyle guide in the world, and they’ve teamed up with some of the most prestigious hotels in the world to offer luxury vacation giveaways every month.  Featured destinations are Paris, Greece, St. Lucia, Vienna, and others.

The grand prize winner will get a 4 night stay in suite at the Halekulani Hotel and Resort in Honolulu, roundtrip airfare, and if that is not enough, an exotic car rental complete with a personal chauffeur.  Paying for that yourself would cost more than $30,000.

Head to JustLuxe to enter.

Mommyhood Footnote:  This vacation opportunity is no way sponsored by Mommyhood and is held by a 3rd party.  This is posted as an opportunity to win a vacation, with no promises or guarantees. There is also no guarantee the winner will come from my blog or through my promotional link.  

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