Friday, January 21, 2011

5 ? Friday!

I can't afford these snowstorms anymore.

I get wind of a storm and I feel obligated to buy milk.  And eggs.  And something to make for dinner.

I live in the Northeast!  The roads are clear by noon unless somebody's sleeping on the job.  

But yet I ran back to the store this evening due to the impending snow.  I love the "pre-storm" adrenaline rush.

"I need to buy milk and eggs!  Storm on the way!  We don't even need milk and eggs!  Someone please stop me from going to the store!"

Anyhow, as my Mommybrain continues to tire due to the severe lack of Vitamin D, I will get started on Mama M's 5 ? Friday.

Drum roll please...

1. Where did you meet your spouse and did you instantly know it was love?

Oh yes.  It was love.
At the ripe old age of nineteen I went for a golf lesson at my father's country club.  When my instructor emerged from the back room, he took my breath away. 

(Cue Berlin.) 

Time stood still.  

The only thought going through my shallow mind was,  I wish I wore make up!  How can I bat these stumpy naked lashes??.  

My Dad spent over $300 in golf lessons before I landed my 1st date. 

What ensued was a torrid "don't date the member's daughters Dirty Dancing-esque" love affair.  

Did that sentence make sense?

Anyhow, it involved a lot of old ladies stuffing diamonds in his pockets.  
And a lot of  "This is your golf space, this my golf space.  I don't go into yours and you don't go into mine."  
Sorry, couldn't help myself... 

 2. What is your favorite room in your house?  

Any room that is clean, warm and uncluttered.  And quiet.  Most often this room is my bedroom. 

3. Can you wiggle your ears?

No.  And thinking about that kind of creeps me out.  

4. What is your evening ritual?

Once munchkins are sleeping, I settle in for my evening television with about seven servings of ice cream.  

I look forward to this time of day like my munchkins look forward to carnival games.

5. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?

Four munchkins deep and I'm lucky to get a solid three hours of good, uninterrupted sleep.  

We get a lot of middle of the night visitors.  Our munchkins like to wake us for noises, bad dreams, thirst, puke, headaches, growing pains, and sometimes just to say hi.

And my answer to just about every waking is, "Get yourself back in bed kid!  The sun ain't up yet!  Can't you see Mama is sleeping?!?!"

Well, not quite.  Usually I just turn and groggily tell them to hop into our bed.  And to crowd Hubby's side.

Unless the waking is because of impending puke.  Then I'm on it like flies on...well, you know what flies are on....

Nothing jolts me out of sleep like a munchkin at my bedside green and about to puke.

Random picture from my hard drive time!  


The winner is a picture of my little Gymnastics Queen. 

Her talent at two years of age was the hairy "I don't THINK so" eyeball.  
HaPpY FrIdAy!

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  1. I'm so over snow..... I live in Michigan, and we get amounts that would cause all Southerners everywhere to go into panic attacks. :) (I have a lot of friends down there and they are always in awe of the fact that I have to go to work even if there's snow!)

  2. LOL You should see people in Georgia when they say snow and ice. It gets crazy.

  3. OH NO! Did you forget the TOILET PAPER? You can't find that around here before a big snow storm!

    I have the same sleep habits. Four kids = maximum three hours straight. Last night only two kids got up. That's a sort of victory in my world! One night I sent Oldest Boy in to sleep with DH because Youngest Boy had the pukes and I slept in the Oldest Boy's bed next to his brother's. About 6:30AM rolls around and DH comes in carrying our Little One and says, "I have too many kids in bed with me already. You have to take this one!" Apparently, Baby Girl had also climbed in with him! LOL!

  4. Haha, I love it! Love the just crawl in bed and crowd dad's side! I am going to have to remember this one! I am now following :)

  5. Following from hop. We just got more snow- kids are out of school. It's crazy here too!

    All the best,


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