Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Birthday

Today my Hubby is one year older.  I will keep that year to myself.  But what a wonderful day it is because he was born ____ years ago.

We dated only three months before he asked me to marry him. I guess we both just "knew". What fart smellers we are.
And what a stud muffin he is.  Even when he's a total pain in the arse.

He is grumpy when he's hungry.  A total cranky pants.

I've learned to ignore him until he's digesting food.  And he's learned to ignore me for one week out of the month.

Makes married life more blissful.

Hubby has delivered one of our babies (literally).  Crazy can't even begin to cover that night
Hubby keeps the house tidy when I'm at work.  He sorts laundry.  He holds babies and coaches tiny football players.

Don't ask me how to get yourself a laundry sorting house tidying Hubby.  It just kind of happened. 

Through a series of complicated "we now have four munchkins events", he really stepped up his game.

Hubby can write a killer love note.  I haven't seen one in years but I remember them quite fondly.

I consider his laundry sorting and house cleaning his declaration of everlasting love. 

And I'm down with that. 

He quotes movies like I wash dishes.  Several times a day.  Anyone not schooled in cinema may not understand him. 

He speaks movie. 

Hubby has retained a wonderfully youthful exterior, and as with most men he gets better as he ages.  This thrills me because I get to look at him, but it also makes my crows feet cringe. 

Ce La Vie.  We're stuck with each other now.  He has a little too much baggage to escape. 
I love to declare a movie night when we have nothing planned on a Friday.  I love that Hubby groans as if its torture. 

I then proceed to eat six servings of ice cream, while watching a movie, dropping sprinkles all over the bed. 

Hubby drinks his beer. 

And then, well, I fall asleep.  Most times (grin).

When Hubby is away for a night, I love to control the remote and make pancakes for dinner. 

When Hubby is away for two nights I feel incomplete.

So today I wish him a very Happy Birthday.  What a crazy wonderful life we've created.
We're in it for the long run. 

We have no where else to go!  We have no where else to g..... We got nothin' else.

(I was just speaking movie. Name it and I'll be impressed....)


  1. What a sweet sweet post Jodie! Happy birthday to your Hubby!

  2. "An Officer and a Gentleman" GREAT movie!

  3. This is a sweet post! Happy birthday to the Hubby!!

  4. Happy birthday to your husband! You have a beautiful family and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

    Thanks for following; I'm now following.

  5. What a sweet and crazy post...made me laugh.Sounds like my hubby:)Hope your husband has a great birthday!!!!!

  6. I loved this post!!!! I also love an Officer and a gentleman!

  7. Cheers to happy mothering. Happy Birthday to Your Hubby! Great post! (lol fart smellers unite!)

    I recently won The Stylish Blogger Award and now I am passing it onto you. Love the expertise and insight you bring to the parenting world. Congratulations! Find out the award details here:

    Namaste, Kathy

  8. Hi there.
    Enjoyed your tribute to hubby :)
    Stopping by via the Sunday Hop to say hello and follow.
    Have a great day!


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