Monday, January 3, 2011

Exercise Hiatus: The Conclusion

Tonight I decided to officially end my exercise hiatus.

If you listen carefully you can hear Taps playing in the distance.

The holidays are over; my hiatus was heavenly.  But January is my month to get back on the wagon.  And tonight I decided to break myself in easy.

I asked my son to set me up on the Wii.  I wanted to try his new NFL Training Camp game.  I was going to train like an NFL All Star. 

Just a quick and easy Wii game to get my blood flowing.

Ten minutes in, I almost threw up.

Jillian Michaels has nothing on the NFL Training Camp for Wii.

That torture, er, game, is the real deal.  And tomorrow I am going back for more.

Assuming I can lift my arms.

Feelin' the burn baby. Feelin' the burn.

Mommyhood Footnote:  This morning I could lift my arms. I know you were concerned.


  1. I do the same thing - take a break from exercise around the holidays - a week around Thanksgiving and two weeks at Christmas. I ran for the first time again yesterday. "Burn" is a very accurate word, isn't it?

  2. Way to go! Now if only I could find the motivation to work out. The only time I have is 4:30 AM and that time comes waaaayyy to quick! Lol.

  3. Oh my....wish I could have seen that workout :) Don't forget to email your food intake--LOL!!


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