Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorite Toy: Football Guys

My oldest son, our Sports Fanatic, is an old soul.  Very old.

He was a difficult baby; a serious toddler.  He is happy and loving, but he is not a giggler. Never was.

He means business most days.

He might have been the only five year old who would go into Toys R Us and walk around in search of one particular Thomas Train.  He never strayed from the task at hand.  All the fancy toys in the world couldn't win him over. 

If Toys R' Us didn't have exactly what he was looking for they lost his business.  No exceptions.

He runs a tight ship.  He's a typical first child.

This "all business" attitude makes him very difficult to shop for.  He wants what he wants.  You can't just buy a toy and hope he'll like it.

There are many holidays and birthdays that I struggle when it comes to buying anything for him.  And now that he's nine?  And toys are becoming less and less interesting to him?

This makes for quite a debacle when you are hoping to keep costs low and gifts even.

This is why I love these Football Guys. 
My Sports Fanatic received these as a gift two years ago.  There have been many nights I find him quietly playing, with the Football Guys set up on his bedroom floor.  It warms my heart to see him still be a kid.  As he should be.  Talking to his little figures and using his imagination.

LLG received his own set for his birthday last fall.  This was phenomenal because we all know the Sports Fanatic wasn't sharing his cherished figures.

LLG is a liability when it comes to toys.  Or anything for that matter.

Forgive the list, but it is the easiest way to effectively communicate how I love these little plastic football players:

1.  The name, "Football Guys" is exactly what my munchkins would call them regardless.
2.  They encourage creative play.  My boys set these up how they like, and talk to them for hours making different "on field" scenarios.
3.  This toy does not make noise or require batteries.  It takes complicated out of the picture.  Keeps life simple.

"Simple" might just be my favorite word.

4.  They come in a lightweight carry case.  Everything fits nicely inside without having to wrestle the box shut and wonder how they all fit in there in the first place.
5.  They aren't expensive. 

Imagine that.  An affordable, simple, easy to clean up toy that requires imagination and encourages quiet play.

Whew.  That was quite a sentence.

To sum up this post, I highly recommend this toy.  This toy is refreshing.  I also forgot to mention that these little football guys have won several best toy awards.
 They are the real deal.

And there are many different "guys"; different sports, colors and teams. 

Keep this toy in mind for Easter Baskets, birthdays and Valentine's Day.  You'll thank me. 

Mommyhood Footnote: I must mention that this post is not sponsored in any way.  Unfortunately I have made no money by singing these praises nor have I received any cool toys to post this.

I just really love this toy.  And mom to mom, I had to share.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. That just brought back some great memories, my son had those when he was a teeny little one he turns 13 next month :( but I remember him playing with those football guys for hours upon hours. He was also a football fanatic, very quiet, and very focused. Little boys melt the hearts.... Lovely photos

  2. We got these for my son for Christmas and he loves them! He is the kind who can sit for hours playing these, legos, building stuff. They are great -- I would recommend them too.

  3. My son would love this...thanks for sharing:)

  4. My son would love these too, thanks for the post!

  5. Now that Tyler is finally getting into football....these might have to be a gift in the near future :)


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