Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Day with Cold Stone Creamery

In early December, an invitation I will cherish until the end of time arrived in my mailbox.  Cold Stone Creamery invited me to NYC to sample their new desserts and flavors for 2011.

Not only did they invite me, car service was included.  

That day was one of jubilation.  After all, I am just a Mom.  With four munchkins and unmatched pajamas.  And cheap light fixtures.  

But I know my ice cream.  And I believe in dessert.  It's good for the soul.  There is no better dessert and new flavor "sampler" than myself.  I may be more qualified to taste ice cream than I am to change diapers.  

It's a tight race.

This past Thursday, I awoke giddy with glee.  I dressed in my version of "NYC Chic".  I ate a chocolate covered Twizzler for breakfast.

The car service arrived right on time.  

Excited, I asked my Dad to take our photo in front of the Town Car.  That's what cool people do.
Upon our arrival in NYC, or uh hum, "driver" dropped us out front of the hotel.  We hurried inside, because we were now so hungry our stomachs were eating themselves.  Luckily, the elevator operated at warp speed.  It opened and dumped us off here:
No big deal, I come here every Saturday.  In my dreams.

The lovely Veronica, who arranged my meeting with Cold Stone, greeted us at the door. 
She introduced us to the one and only "Tastemaster", Ray Karam.  

He is a beautiful man.  

He spends his days dreaming up new flavors and making them possible.  He is my hero.  He should run for President.
After meeting these two phenomenal people, we sat around a table with a view of Central Park.  

I took this opportunity to inquire about working for Kahala, the company that owns Cold Stone.  A small part of Veronica's response has been playing over and over again in my head.

Like the theme song to Dora, I can't shake it.  

Veronica told me they have free ice cream.  

In their company cafeteria.  

Anything they desire.  


Every day. 
I am currently working on my resume to send to Cold Stone.  Under job experience I have:

I eat ice cream.  A lot. 

I might have to amp up my resume. Just a bit.

While marveling over the free cafeteria ice cream, the Tastemaster (love that word) finished preparing the warm desserts.

These desserts will be appearing at Cold Stone Creamery's across the nation, for $4.99.  

I now present you with mouthwatering photographs.  Brace yourself for what you are about to see.

Chocolate Lava Meltdown
No Fair Funnel Cake (yes, FUNNEL CAKE)
I shall now continue....

After indulging in the warm desserts Veronica pulled a plate from a Cold Stone Freezer (Dear Santa, Next year I would like a fully stocked Cold Stone Freezer for my kitchen)....
Soft and chewy cookies.  Ice cream.  Sprinkles.  Chocolate Chips.

These were my favorite.  Hubby disagrees.  He preferred the funnel cake strawberry concoction.  

This calls for another Death Match.

When we finished sampling the warm desserts and cookie sandwiches, we embarked on a flavor tasting adventure.  

We sampled 6 of the 12 new flavors Cold Stone is premiering this year.  We indulged in flavors I could never dream up.  Flavors that sound funny until you taste them, and then you realize they're divine.

Flavors such as Lemon Poppyseed and Strawberry Basil.   Peach Iced Tea and Mojito Sorbet.  

Their new Pistachio Jell-O Pudding ice cream doesn't melt.  Can you imagine?  A no drip ice cream?  It turns back to Jell-O.  Marvelous for munchkins.

First to debut is February's Chocolate Covered Strawberry, just in time for Valentine's Day.

What really blew my ice cream lovin' mind was tasting the new frozen yogurts.  The texture and taste were parallel to the regular ice creams we tasted.  

And they have health benefits.  Can anyone say Probiotic?

There must be pigs flying somewhere on this planet.  I never thought I'd see the day frozen yogurt with probiotics held it's own against full fat ice cream.  But this yogurt does. 

Because Ray is a genius.

But there is more to the frozen yogurt story than how fabulous they taste.

Cold Stone is launching a Yogurt Bar.  Self Serve.  Weigh and pay.  Toppings galore.

Finally, a bar I will actually go to. Hubby never thought he'd see the day.

"Hubby!  I'm going to the bar!"  

To summarize, my visit was joyous.  Delicious.  Intimate.  Informative.  I spent an hour with fellow ice cream lovers and we ate ice cream.

This was me after my hour with the folk's from Cold Stone in the Penthouse I visit every Saturday.
I need to say no more. 

But I will.  Because I'm a blogger and I can't help myself.

Upon our departure, Veronica had our uh hum, "driver" take us to the Cold Stone in Times Square. 

For a birthday cake to take home. 

For Hubby's birthday in two weeks. 

Have you ever seen these cakes?  It took all my will to not take a fork to this cake Thursday night:
To conclude, a photo of the NOT recommended Mommyhood Diet.
Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

If you are blessed enough to have a Cold Stone within driving distance, go there please.  And order everything on the menu.  Tell them Jodie sent you.  

They'll have no clue who I am.  But it's good for a laugh.  

And you'll get to eat some killer ice cream.  

By the way, I would like to let Veronica and Ray know I'm available next January.  And every January after that until I'm so old and crinkled that I don't know what my name is. 

Have a fabulous weekend.  Eat some ice cream!

Read my first post about Cold Stone and my invitation to go to NYC HERE.

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  1. I can't even put into words how incredibly, undoubtedly, and horribly envious of you I am at this very minute!!!!!

  2. I trying to eat the pictures on the computer...haha!!!!!

  3. Pretty, pretty please with ice cream on it can I go with you next time?? I'm working on my resume as we speak/blog!

  4. My jaw dropped from those pictures of the desserts. Yum, Yum, and YUM! So lucky! Glad you got to live the dream for a day!

  5. Hi there.
    I'm stopping by from the weekend hops to say hello and to follow.
    Have a great day!

  6. When I was in college I ate ice cream at every meal (which was really only lunch and dinner). This is probably at least partially responsible for the fact that I had to lost about 50 pounds when I graduated.

    And then I had kids...which I'm still blaming for the fact that I'm now lactose intolerant. Does Cold Stone make any non-lactose ice cream? Can I be a taster for that? I'm almost as qualified as you are! I swear! If not, I'll just say, "Thank God for Lactaid!" I'm off to find the closest Cold Stone...

  7. That is so awesome Jodie! Wow those warm desserts look delicious. And dangerous. What a great experience! There's a couple yogurt bars in Hoboken and they are pretty fun, all the toppings you could want. Now I feel like I should stop by after dinner
    I'm pretty sure your blog is making me :)

  8. OMG delish... how does one get a trip to Cold Stone like that?

  9. Hi, your newest GFC follower from surfin saturday! great blog! and what? i want an invitation like that!


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