Monday, January 10, 2011

Respect the Clearance

I'm a TOTAL Clearance junkie.  And around this time, the second week of January, stores get REAL tired of leftover merchandise.

This is the time to put on your shopping shoes, and seek out the almighty Clearance signs.

Hunt down those red stickers.
I find red clearance stickers like Moopa finds choking hazards and stairs.  Fast as lightening.

Those red stickers sing to me from across the store.  They call my name.

This post is a serious reminder to get out this week and take advantage of $10 winter coats (I just bought a lightweight for the Gymnastics Queen for $9.99), marked down toys and even clearance food.

Today I stocked up for Easter baskets and our road trip to Disney next month. 
Yes, I am a HUGE fan of Fiber One.  Makes me feel like a little less of a parenting disappointment when I serve Pop Tarts armed with fiber.

I have learned to NEVER pay full price. And when I see what I'll use at a price I want to pay, I stock up.  One f the many tricks of the frugal person trade.

Remember, respect the Clearance.  Take advantage.  Store any toys you find in a box out of sight and pull from it for birthdays, Easter baskets and the Tooth Fairy.

Clearance is King.  This post is a Mommyhood reminder to get out this week and stretch your dollar.

Mommyhood Footnote: **Target is a phenomenal place to hunt for clearance toys and packaged food, and OLD NAVY has a great selection of clearance clothes.  Walmart also has a great Clearance Isle**


  1. AWESOME! I love clearance items too! I just got my son the Dr. Evil Porkchop toy at Target for 50% off! I wanted to buy him it for Christmas but already spent way too much - it was originally $50 - I snagged it for $25, which honestly is a much more reasonable price for a toy!

  2. I JUST LOVE WALMARTS 75% OFF SALE AFTER XMAS! i love clearance itemS!

  3. I am following you back! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love shopping and clearance sales too! Looks like we have a lot in common!

  4. Stopping by from the Monday Hops to follow and to say hello.Have a great week!

  5. So, where can I find an Old Navy in Australia? I'm a tad bitter it's not here!!! Thanks for the advice. I might pop on out this afternoon and save myself some money! xx

  6. I love clearance clothes for my little girl. I just stocked up on new summer clothes for her a few months ago for next year! I can't wait until after the holidays when I can find some more cute things for her (and for me!)


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