Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Silver Lining

My munchkins have a phenomenal ability to find the silver lining.

It's a true super power.

Adulthood comes with such baggage.  Adulthood is an over-thinking, over-planning, practical nightmare at times.

I get caught up in everything that needs to get done instead of getting caught up in the moment.

My munchkins keep it real.

They live for the moment.

This afternoon, LLG didn't hurry inside from the car.  He didn't feel frigid temperatures or curse everything that wouldn't get done because of another storm.

He saw white fluffy flakes.  Falling from the sky.

And when I turned from my frantic "get inside and defrost" dash to the house, I saw him still as a statue.

A wee-whittle man with snow falling all around him.  Waiting patiently for a snowflake to fall onto his tongue.

He was completely content to marvel at all the wonders of winter.  Cold damp clothes and all.

Ah, the magic of being a munchkin.
Just being in their presence makes me a better person.  They remind me to look around and rediscover simple pleasures. 

It's impossible not to take inventory of all my blessings when one of my munchkins is present. 

And today, for the first time in I can't even remember how long, I stood in the cold to taste a snowflake.  And marveled at the white winter landscape.

And then I cursed the road conditions and my frozen chapped hands.  And cried when the weather reported another storm on the loose, headed in our direction.

But the silver lining in all this snowflake tasting is that snowflakes are calorie free.  And catching them with munchkins takes some of the sting out of winter. 

And so until my vitamin D arrives this spring, I shall feast on snowflakes and make snowmen.

And I shall look to my munchkins to find the silver lining.  Because they always know where it's hiding.

Have a fantastical Thursday!


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