Thursday, January 6, 2011

Valentine Rose Cupcakes

I was searching through my photos to find a picture of my son's late turtle, Jay Jay.  Poor little guy.

Yesterday I got the call.

On the way to work. 

Jay Jay had gone to a better place.

This better place would include attention, playtime and clean water much more often.

In Jay Jay's honor, I was hoping to find a picture, any picture in the four years of his life with us.

Nada. Zip. Nothin'.

The upside is my son's room will no longer smell like a sweaty foot.  The downside is my son is missin' his turtle.

Only in my world does a Valentine Rose Cupcake post begins with a dead turtle.  But in my quest for a picture to honor the little guy, I found this gem:
I thought this was worth sharing.  My Valentine Rose Cupcakes that I completely forgot I ever made.  And they are so beautiful.  Delicious.  And Valentine's Day is next month.  And it makes me wonder how much in my life I have forgotten.

Here is my very detailed, complex instructions.

Buy strawberry Fruit by the Foot.  The kicker?  It has to be the kind that "splits in half".  You have to take a minute to examine the picture on the front of the box.  There should be a "wave" line down the center of the fruit snacks in the picture.

While standing in the fruit snack isle, examining the selection, buy green fruit roll ups.  Announce "this is perfect for dinner tonight" just for kicks.  Look around at horrified parents who are also for some reason in the fruit snack isle.

Make cupcakes.  Need a recipe?  Take mine.

Frost them with vanilla frosting.

Unroll a Fruit by the Foot, and peel off half down center (along the "wave").  Carefully, roll in approximately 2" to 3" to form the center of rose.  Begin with a tight roll and loosen a little as you continue to roll.  You need to imagine the center of a rose on this one.

Place rolled fruit snack wavy side up in frosted cupcake, and continue to loosely wrap the remaining the fruit by the foot at a slight angle around until you cover top of cupcake.

With scissors, cut "leaves" from green fruit leather, and add to "rose".

If I had a picture to demonstrate the "rolling" process I would share.  But this is an archive, and I have confidence in your rose making abilities.

I am now going to cry as I watch the weather channel.  More snow.  And then more snow.  Sniff sniff.

Happy Thursday.  I think I shall bake today to lick the bad weather wounds.

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  1. Hah, that's a great idea! Thanks for sharing, and you made me lol about the snack isle comment.Im always afraid to do goofy things like that at the store, but one day i just might!

  2. Bwahahahaha @ "this is perfect for dinner tonight"
    What gorgeous cupcakes, sorry for your son's turtle loss! :-(


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