Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

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This is an excerpt from Chapter 17: Fun for the "BIG" Kids....

A few years ago on our annual trip to Walt Disney World I spotted wee whittle girls prancing around Downtown Disney dolled up as princesses. 

In Disney it is not uncommon to see anyone in costume.  After all, it's a magical place.

But these girls were fancy.  It was the work of a professional. 

Before long I had discovered Disney's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.  It's a marvelous place.  A place that dreams truly come true if you are a Disney Princess at heart.

The first time we made reservations at the boutique we opted for the Castle package.  This package is pricey (Approximately $200 with tax) but I feel we got our money's worth.  It was also a birthday gift to my daughter from my parent's.

Grandparents are swell.

The Castle package includes everything but the kitchen sink.  And you could probably get a sink if you asked for one.

We arrived and they asked my daughter what princess she wanted to be.

She said Cinderella.

They asked what size she was.  And they wanted all the details.  Her dress size and shoe size. 

They returned with a costume, shoes, wand, tiara and the "Fairy Godmother" to lead my little princess to a dressing area.  I dressed her in her new princess attire fresh from Disney.
Then the magic happened. 

Ever since we opened the Bibbidi Bobbidi can of worms we must make a reservation every time we trek down to Disney. 

Because we now foot the bill, I insist the boutique is done "Mommyhood style".  Which is on a budget.

To keep the makeover exciting but affordable I always bring a dress from home.  To make it special I buy a pair of princess shoes or a new pair of earrings for her to wear. 

This year we brought Gisele's dress from Enchanted and I bought these snazzy shoes for her.
All little princesses leave with a sash, a tiara or decorative pins/barrettes and the makeup their "Fairy Godmother" used for their makeover.  They also keep their comb.

So if you are worried about sanitary conditions, worry no more.  They have little makeup kits for each princess.

Mommyhood believes in making a trip to Disney magical.  I believe in treating my munchkins to experiences they will remember forever. 
If you are traveling to Disney with a little one who dreams of being a Disney Princess, this is a must do. 

Bring your camera and enjoy.  And try to resist jumping in the chair and demanding the princess makeover you always dreamed of for yourself.

You may scare the children.

Have a fabulous Saturday!
Mommyhood Footnote:  The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique does not discriminate.  They offer a VERY affordable "Knight's Package" for little boys.  They give the boys crazy hair and it comes with a shield and a sword.  The price as of now is approximately $15.00.  A nice alternative to the Pirate Makeover which runs at least $50.00/child. 


  1. Wow that's incredible! She looks amazing. :) XO

  2. She was so small in that one pic. I think we were w/ you that time too :)
    Let's see pics of the boys and their makeover do's.... :)

  3. Wow Im so excited Thanks so much for the idea of bringing your own dress and shoes! I so want to do this for my daughter next year when we take our first disney trip but the price tag scared me me $55 I can handle thanks sooooo much :)

  4. Do you know if you can purchase the tiaras and hair clips in the store attached to the bbs? I do hair, and hubby just can't swallow the price when he knows I can do it just as well, but I know my girls will want the same clippies and tiaras! Like you, my kiddos are saving their own money for souvenirs, and I have thought about giving them the choice to spend their money here? What to do...

    1. Danica, yes, they sell the tiaras and clips in the world of Disney store. You can bring some supplies (glitter hair spray)and the tiara and clips are available in the store adjacent to the boutique. If you tell your kids to wait to shop, you can do a "big" end of the vacation trip to the World of Disney has everything!


  5. Oh I so need to have a little girl! I just booked my sons first Disney trip and I so excited that I found your site.

  6. did this for my daughter's first Disney visit and she loved it. Some of the best memories of our trip. Now that I have another daughter (they are 7 years apart), the oldest one is patiently waiting a couple of more years so she can take her sister...good thing I have started earning Disney dollars with my credit card :)

  7. We just came back from Disney World and, of course, paid a visit to the BBB. I am on a budget too, so I made a cute tutu and bought a cute t-shirt for my daughter. I wrote a note from Cinderella inviting her to the boutique as Cinderella's special guest, and left the outfit for her to wear as a gift from the princess herself. She felt very special and smiled the entire time. If possible, try to schedule the appointment before the park opens so you can get some good pictures of the castle without the large crowds. Oh, and now, they give a pink cinch backpack, much easier to carry around.

  8. We took my girls there last year. LOVED it! The awesome part is that as you walk around the park afterward, the workers address your girls as "Princess," the Genie bowed to them during the parade and we received a family pass from a worker because we had two princesses. The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is a MUST.

  9. I took my two girls there last year and it was a great experience. The best part is that once they get dolled up at the Boutique, the workers at the park address them as "Princess" the rest of the day. During the parade the Genie bowed to them and one worker gave us a family pass (better than a fast pass) just because we had two princesses. The Bibiddi Bobbidi Boutique is a MUST.

  10. Where would you recommend dining after going to the boutique. I like your tip regarding staying in one park for the entire day, but that would mean using 2 meals for Cinderella's dinner and I'm not sure yet if that would be a good idea. Any thoughts?

  11. Hi, I like your tip regarding staying in one park for the whole day. In an effort to also save money I'd like to avoid using 2 meal services for one dining experience unless absolutely necessary. That being said, do you have any suggestions as to what I should do once I leave the boutique with my girls? I want them to experience the princess dining options but Cinderella's Royal dinner takes two meal services correct? Any suggestions so we can get more bang for our buck? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ivette! We do the boutique in Downtown Disney, which is a shopping complex and requires no tickets for admission. We spend morning at Epcot, go to downtown disney to shop/get makeover, We then go to dinner in Norway at Epcot. Same princesses, a little less Cinderella fluff, but you do take a picture with Belle and the package is included in your meal. Only 1 dinner entitlement - no using two for one meal. :)

      You can also do the makeover in the morning and head to Epcot for a lunch sitting as well. :)
      Good luck!

  12. we did make over in their BBB on the Disney Cruise. I loved the hairspray they use it smells yummy for kids. I forgot to purchase some before leaving. does anyone know if I can purchase BBB hairspray online? or at a store somewhere near L.A.?

  13. I splurged and got my daughter the Castle package at BBB & it ended up being the experience of a lifetime! With the pkg, you also get a photo shoot with a photographer! And, if you're lucky like my daughter was, she might get chosen to have her picture hanging on the wall of the BBB inside the salon - at least for a little while. We were also a little extra lucky because the photo printer was messing up & not printing & then all of a sudden ALL the pictures started printing out & they gave us all the extras for free, since they would have thrown them away anyway.

  14. Thank you so much for this information! I have a friend with a young daughter going to Walt Disney World for the first time in November and I will definitely share this with her! Thanks so much again!

  15. Downtown Disney in So Calif has the Anna & Elsa Boutique and they do very much the same thing... and it was well worth the $$ to give my grand daughter Olivia the experience as a birthday gift.. We brought our own dress and matching shoes - Anna from Frozen Fever - brand new - no other little girl in the place had it and boy o boy was it fun! Best time at Downtown Disney ever.


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