Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Epcot: The Most Underrated Park in Disney World

I continuously hear Disney trip planning people say, "We're just doing Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios...there isn't anything for the kids to do in Epcot...."

What?  Seriously?  You are missing out on a fabulous place bursting with happiness, love, beauty and kick arse attractions for all ages. 

Oh, and there is food.  Good food. 

Here are Mommyhood's reasons you need to visit Epcot when you make the trek to Disney World:

1.  Must DO attractions for everyone in the family.  Epcot is full of Mommyhood favorites:

Soarin', Test Track, Frozen Ever After (ride in Norway) and the World Showcase. 

For little ones there is Nemo, Imagination and many many MANY activity centers throughout the park.

Today I was teary eyed to see the return of Captain EO.  I grew up vacationing to Disney every year, and Captain EO was the biggest deal in 1986. And 1987.  And...you get the idea.

I hadn't seen it in twenty years.

Today I shared Captain EO and all its 80's cheese with my family and our loyal travel buddies.  Definitely the highlight of my day. 

Maybe the highlight of this trip.  And it was in Epcot.

2.  Epcot sells beer.

Nothing makes Hubby happier than a cold beer in Germany.  Which takes us to this picture and #3...

3.  The World Showcase.  See #2 for information about beer. 

The World Showcase opens at 11am. We usually plan to walk the entire way around.  Yes, we do.  And our kids do as well. 

While walking, Hubby drinks Beer.  He aims for one in every country.  He then aims to remain upright.

I eat food.  Lots of it.
We walk with our munchkins, eating and drinking, experiencing all the World Showcase has to offer.  They see characters (Jasmine in Morocco, Snow White in Germany, Pooh in England and many more) and shop in Japan.

Ever seen Pokemon or Hello Kitty toy heaven?  It's in Japan.
When we are ready to leave Epcot I roll myself out and Hubby walks sideways.  The kids carry their new toys from Japan.

4.  The Scenery.  There is some high priced gardening talent workin' for Disney.  Try not to speed walk past these beauties without admiring them and all their amazing-ness.
5.  See 1 through 4. 


  1. We love Epcot. We almost always go there first. On our most recent trip, we decided to sign our boys up for the KimPossible thing. Yeah. Youngest Boy didn't get that it was PRETEND and he thought he ACTUALLY had to track down "bad guys". He freaked and we turned in our cell-phone doo-hickeys. {SIGH}

    We ate at Mexico. It was so dark I had to use the built-in LED light that came with my purse to find stuff when we (inevitably) dropped it on the floor. I took a picture and all you can see is the candle in the middle of the table. BUT the food was delish and that was where I discovered that Little One LOVES rice!

  2. When we went in '09, we were on the dining plan (LOVED IT and that is what really sold hubby on Disney...FOOD!) We ate at the Biergarten, Ashkerhaus (the hubs loves Aurora), Le Cellier, and the Yorkshire Fish Shop in Epcot. In the Animal Kingdom, we enjoyed Yak and Yeti. We had comfort food and entertainment in DHS at the 50 Prime Time Cafe (with a wonderful waitress!), and in the Magic Kingdom, we ate at Liberty Tree Tavern, and then ate until we wanted to explode at 'Ohana in the Poly (with a view of the castle).

    The most difficult and biggest let down was coming home and trying to scan my room key over the stove. ;)

  3. Thank you for all of your Disney blogging! I also have some of the best memories of my life going to Disney every year with my family. We have 2 young girls and plan on vacationing there in Sept. I can't wait!!!!


  4. Hooray Beer! and don't forget about the Fireworks! We are waiting until the baby turns 2 to do the big week long Disney trip. I can't wait. Luckily, we are fortunate to live close enough to take day trips until then. :)

  5. Our son who just turned 4 our last trip. Loved Epcot! When we got home he would play Epcot! ! :) My husband and I walked around with him finding hidden mickeys and really got to explore Epcot more than ever. Epcot is my favorite! We spend as much time there as we do the Magic Kingdom.

  6. If you are on the Disney Dining Plan try "eating" your way through the countries, this makes each country more interesting for both kids and adults. When we go to Disney and purchase the dining plan we always end up with more snacks then we know what to do with so we get a snack to share at each country. We have such a great time trying all of the different foods Epcot has to offer, instead of just trying one restaurant for lunch or dinner.

  7. I am so happy to hear someone else with a family to say not to miss Epcot. I have had so many friends go in the past few months and skip it. I say they just dont know how to do disney you must go to all four parks:)

  8. Our parents took us to Disney World when I was 13 and my brother was 11. EPCOT was definitely our favorite. We had a four-day pass, so we saw the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and MGM. My dad asked where we wanted to go on the fourth day, thinking we'd ask to go to the Magic Kingdom again. Nope! We wanted to go back to EPCOT. :)

  9. Found your blog through Pinterest...and it's been a Godsend! I have heard from many people to skip Epcot, but reading through your posts and comments, it seems like our family would be missing out by not going! We are going the first week of June with a 9 year old and what will be an almost 3 year old. This will be the first trip for the youngest and me and the hubs as well (our oldest went with Grandparents 3 years ago). Will the youngest enjoy The World Showcase? I want both kids to get as much out of this trip as possible without getting upset because so and so got to do more than the other. Will Nemo and Imagination suffice for LO while big sis rides the "big kid" rides?

  10. I agree with you totally. When my son was 5 we gave him a choice of ONE park while on a short vacation. He picked EPCOT!! It's still the family favorite and when we go and Epcot is open longer, we leave the other parks and close down Epcot MANY times.

  11. Another tip for kids at EPCOT is to buy EPCOT passports when you enter the park. The passports include pages and stickers for each country in the World Showcase. Cast members at each country will sign their country's page with a greeting in their native language. When your trip is over, you have a great souvenir that the kids can look back at. (and of course the passports can be fun for adults too. If you "drink around the world" and sign your own name after you've had the drink at each country, and only put the stickers on after you've had the drink, it makes for a VERY entertaining reminder of your time at EPCOT!)


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