Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Healthy Flatbread Pizza

A few years ago I stumbled upon Flatout Flatbreads.  They make a killer pizza.  They are jam packed with protein and fiber, and they are Best Life Bob Green Approved.
Bob Green takes the work out of the healthy food scavenger hunt that is the grocery store.  He's a great man.

Before I go any further, I need to stipulate that I don't eat well.  I am in no way offering nutritional advice with these pizzas.  I'm about as qualified to offer nutritional advice as I am to fly a plane.  Which is not qualified at all.

I don't eat much, and 70% of what does pass my lips is sugar.

That being said, I do make an effort to make the other 30% of food I eat healthy.  And to help with any other nutrient deficits I toss back a few Flintstones.

And since I plan on posting Valentine cookies and candies in the next few days, I felt it necessary to arm you with an easy, healthy, low cal menu option.  I eat low cal healthy meals and snacks and then sit down with eight servings of ice cream at 11pm.

Makes no sense.  I know this.  But in my Mommybrain it works. 

I make these flatbread pizzas for Hubby with a salad and he makes no complaints.  He loves these little guys.  Which makes them ideal for a quick and easy dinner.  Which makes them ideal for a day I'd rather go to Target than to the grocery store.

I am providing approximate nutritional information below.  Read it an weep happy tears.  You can look forward to a killer flatbread that is easy on the waist. 

Flatbread Pizza

1 Lite Italian Flatout Flatbread
2 tbsp Prego Healthy Heart Traditional Sauce (or similar)
1/4 cup finely shredded pizza cheese

1 tbsp bacon bits (other ideas: chopped turkey pepperoni, diced onions, cubed ham)

Heat oven to 350.

Place flatbread in oven for 2 minutes to crisp crust and then remove.

Lay flatbread on tinfoil and spread sauce, sprinkle cheese.  Add topping(s).
Place flatbread back in oven and cook for another 5-7 minutes, until cheese is completely melted and bubbling.

Remove and enjoy immediately.  I beg you.  Don't answer the phone and ruin your chance to eat these hot out of the oven.  I grab a soda and dive right in.  No fork or knife or class.
You won't be disappointed with my calorie saving lunch/dinner menu option.  I promise.

**This is NOT a sponsored post.  I like what I like and I wanted to share.**

Nutritional information (approx) for 1 Flatbread Pizza:
19 grams protein
8 grams fiber
225 calories

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  1. Awesome Idea!! And so easy for a quick fix for the kids. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful Recipes!


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