Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ice Cream Party!

I have flashes of brilliance.  Sometimes they are so profound I hurt myself.

Last year, on a cold, snowy night in February I threw an "Ice Cream Party".  And I decided I will continue to sponsor this event about once a year.

Before I continue I must warn that I like to hype up family nights and make them "parties".  It's all in the advertising.

Here is very poor photographic evidence of last year's "party":
The night went something like this:

Me:  Let's make ice cream sundaes!

Munchkins: Squeals of delight.

Me:  We're going to eat sundaes and watch a movie!

Munchkins:  Frantic squeals of delight.

Me:  And we're watching the movie in Mommy's bed! 

Munchkins:  "I can't believe this is happening my mom is so cool we can eat ice cream in her bed!" squeals of delight.

Our party was fabulous.  Easy.  And such a great change of pace.  

Naturally this "Ice Cream Party" can only be a rare occurance.  Otherwise it wouldn't be special.  We don't do ice cream anywhere but the kitchen every other day of the year.

I am fairly strict with my "eat at the table" law.  It prevents mess.  And crumbs.  And mess.  And crumbs.

You get the idea.

An Ice Cream Party brings together a few of my greatest loves.  My munchkins, my ice cream and my bed.  It's also a marvelous event that makes me very cool for about two hours.

Below I am posting very detailed instructions for an "Ice Cream Party":

Rent a movie.  Something the munchkins have been waiting to see.

Make certain bedsheets need a washing.  Because if they don't, they will in the morning. 

Unless you are me, and you keep a steady supply on hand, you will need to buy ice cream and toppings galore.  The more toppings the better.  Think chocolate chips, cereals and small candies.

Set table with ice cream, toppings and plenty of napkins. 

If you have trays to use in bed place them within reach.  Ice cream melts and you can't be scrounging for trays after sundaes are made.

Announce the ice cream party.  Prepare to be cool.

Let munchkins make their own sundaes.

Gather ice cream and trays and pile into giant bed.  Pillows and blankets on the floor works too.  The idea is to be different from your standard movie watching evening.

Sit together and enjoy a family movie while devouring sundaes that are overflowing with sprinkles, whipped cream and anything else piled on top.

Let the kids be messy.  No computer allowed.  No cell phones within reach.  Devote two hours of your evening to your "party".  No distractions.  This will be what the munchkins love most.

Bask in the "Supa Cool" sun until morning.  It usually wears off by then.  But it's totally awesome while it lasts.

Now hit the store, because it's Saturday night and there is no better night to be cool.  Have a good one!

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