Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Let Her Be

I had big plans to feature our Valentine Brunch at my parent's house.  

And then I forgot my camera.  

So I borrowed my sister-in-law's camera.  And uploaded the pictures off the memory card to my mom's computer.

And then I left my parent's house without uploading the pictures to my online account.  

Which leaves me picture-less.  With major mommybrain.

Since I cannot bring you inside our brunch full of family, trans fats and Valentines, I will default to the Moopa.  

She's a wonderful being.
She has a sincere appreciation for headwear.  Especially if it doesn't belong to her.

Actually she has a sincere appreciation for anything that doesn't belong to her.  Headwear is one of many items she fancies.  It's been a cause for contention round' these parts. 

We also can never find anything.

Most days I find it amusing.  Most.  

Her siblings hardly ever find it amusing.  They have the patience of tiny saints.

Along with sincere appreciation for anything that doesn't belong to her is her deep love and devotion to two things.

The first is her "Lovey".
This Lovey is her comfort.  Her friend.  She can't get it close enough to her face.  She sleeps with it and tries to eat while holding it.

The eating thing usually doesn't work out so well.  For the Lovey anyway.
When Moopa isn't running around with toys, hats, books, make up, Wii remotes and cell phones that do not belong to her, and her Lovey is tucked away safe, she turns her attention to the dog.
Luckily our dog doesn't seem to mind the invasion of personal space.
Generally I let the Moopa be.  I don't get all in her "need-my-Lovey-steal-everything-I-can-reach-dog-harassment" business.  

I let her be.

This is a world of a difference from how I mothered my first baby.  He couldn't blink his eyes with me in his face. 

But the Moopa reaps the benefits of my uber relaxed parenting style.  Aside from my strict stance on naps, meals, manners and civilized public behavior she lives a wonderfully free existence.
We should all be so lucky.

HaPpY SuNdAy!

Gettin' Social!


  1. That window licking picture is going to haunt her during her teenage yrs!! LOL!! Love that kiddo :)

  2. Good morning! Very cute post, even if it wasn't the one you intended lol New follower from Say Hi Sunday. Drop by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


  3. Hi I am a new follower from Say Hi Sunday. I would love a follow back at

  4. Awwww...what a cutie! Love the pictures of her and the dog. We have two of them is sort of ambivalent to Astroboy. The other is already his best buddy! Too cute!

  5. Adorable the "let it be".....she'll end up fine & hopefully without "hang-ups"!


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