Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mommyhood Hits the Road

I've been posting a lot about our impending road trip.

And I'm happy to announce that we survived.  And I'm still married.  What a relief!  I have too much baggage to date again.

It wasn't anywhere near the torture I was expecting.  Hubby may say otherwise, because he drove 15 out of the 18 hours. 

Before we left, I told him I was good to drive for three hours.  He needed to choose my shift wisely.

In case you missed one of my posts about my driving skills I'll fill you in.  They leave little to be desired.

The night of our trip, we left at 8:30pm.  Hubby was semi-rested from his afternoon snooze.  This was a requirement of mine.  If memory serves my exact words were:

"I'm taking all the munchkins to dinner and you better sleep.  At least 2 hours. Or I swear it we aren't leaving."

I love to speak to him like he's five.  He doesn't share this sentiment.

And so we departed our snowy, cold hometown with sunshine on the brain.  Munchkins fell asleep just as we'd hoped. The only exception was the Moopa.  The girl pulled an all night ripper.  I tell you no lies.  Every time I took inventory of the backseat tiny eyeballs were looking right back at me. 

I was waiting for a screaming "I want out of this seat" protest but it never came.  She must just enjoy the nightlife. 

Courtesy of Five Hour Energy Hubby drove ten straight hours until we hit the southern end of North Carolina.  This is where we met up with our travel buddies at approximately 6:15am.

We had breakfast.  This was when I remembered I blog, and I should be documenting our trip. 
Post breakfast I offered to take my generous three hour driving shift.  Hubby agreed and then claimed he felt a second wind.
I swear the second I climbed into the driver's seat Hubby's life flashed before his eyes.

He lasted an hour behind the wheel.  I graciously switched with him on the side of the road near South of the Border.
I enthusiastically drove through South Carolina and Georgia. 
Good thing I self-entertain, because Hubby wasn't much of a conversationalist.
Towards the end of my three hours I started to swerve.  Hubby claimed that type of thing would cause an accident.  

But before we switched drivers again I pulled up alongside of our travel buddies.  I held our position nicely so Hubby could snap this picture.
Luckily for us Moopa crashed hard after her all nighter.  She spent much of the daytime ride truncated in her carseat.
This, along with the other napping munchkins made for excellent driving conditions.

And so after 20 long hours in the car we finally arrived at our destination.  The dreaded road trip was a roaring success. 
The only downside is we have to do it all again to get back home. 

And I could be wrong, but I would imagine road trips are more tolerable when you're headed away from frigid temperatures.

But until then, I shall blog about how Mommyhood does Disney. 

So stay tuned, because you don't want miss a thing!

Mommyhood Footnote:  One upside to road trips?  The many "did we read that right?" moments along the way. 


  1. Have a blast in Disney World! Glad the trip went well with sleeping babies!

  2. That's pretty much what I said to my husband. We could drive THERE but we'd have to fly back...or take separate cars! He's an absolute BEAST at the end of a vacation and that's when we're flying, if he had to drive with 4 kiddos he would certainly lose it!

  3. I guess you missed Withlacoochee State Park. I'm pretty sure there's a sign on the way through Florida. There's also a weird thousand syllable place name in the southern part of South Carolina. ;)

    Just keep reminding everyone on the trip home that you are GOING HOME. Everyone will have their own space again and car trips will return to 30 minutes or less.

  4. Hi from your newest follower! Love your blog and look forward to reading more. We are doing our first Griswold style family road trip to Disney in July. 18+ hours! We always fly so it should be interesting to say the least! Visit me at !


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