Thursday, February 10, 2011


Next week we are embarking on our much anticipated road trip to Florida.

Why aren't we flying? Because getting there is half the fun. You know that.  (movie anyone?)

Actually we aren't flying because the money tree is having trouble sprouting in our back yard. 

Thus, preparations to road trip have begun.

There is a gigantic suitcase on my bedroom floor with stacks of clothes inside.  These stacks are the beginning of my packing fiasco.

Let me break down Mommyhood packing for you:

Hubby packs for Hubby.  I prefer it this way.  His only job is to neatly stack what he plans on bringing within my view.

This takes him five minutes.

My job is to pack for myself and four munchkins.

This takes me five weeks. 

I make outfits, remake outfits, count tee shirts, consider how many days we will be there, check the forecast, reconsider everything I already decided on bringing, and generally try my hardest to make packing as difficult and time consuming as possible.

After my first of many serious packing sessions, I spent last night trying on all my warm weather clothes.

It took me a good twenty minutes to get past the sight of my legs.  They are the color of Elmer's glue.

I might have nightmares about the sight of my legs tonight.

The upside of my evening was that everything still fit.

Aside from packing clothes, I have purchased 5 Hour Energy Drinks and enough processed foods to sustain us for 20 long hours. 

I even prepared my car for this long torturous joyous journey overflowing with love and family time.

On Monday, afternoon temperatures climbed up into the mid 30's .  I took advantage and spent an hour soaping all the crust, fingerprints, spills and unidentified smears off the inside of my car.

I now love my car so much I wonder why I never scrubbed the inside of it before.

Nevermind.  I know why I never scrubbed the inside before.  It's just about as fun as unloading my dishwasher.  But it lasts five times as long.

I will continue my road trip preparations up until the minute we pull out of our driveway.  It ain't my style to sit back and rest.

It also ain't my style to let something alone.

My constant reorganization of everything we are bringing will drive Hubby mad.  He just doesn't get it.

But he doesn't have to.  All he has to do is drive.  And when he gets us into daylight and on a straight road, I can take over and let him rest.

And then two hours into my driving Hubby will be so annoyed with my driving he will insist on driving again.

This will secretly make me happy because I hate driving.

The End.

Mommyhood Footnote:  Even the wild animals in Disney are happy.  This squirrel decided to have lunch with us.  Actually he just wouldn't leave us alone and he didn't scare easily.  Trust me, I tried.

I then got all "Disney Princess" and fed him fries Cinderella style.  I swear I heard him thank me when he was finished.

The place is magic.  I tell you no lies.
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  1. Are you sure we're not related? :) I pack the same way. I even put every outfit the kiddos will wear in individual gallon-size baggies so that anyone (read: my husband or mother) can dress them without bugging me with the "who's is this?" question. Plus, having like 45 gallon-sized ziploc bags on vacation is PRICELESS - they hold all manner of things - wet clothes, snacks, whatever.

    My husband asked me last week if I thought we could ever DRIVE to WDW (we live near Pittsburgh). I said, "I'll let you know after the Mommyhood family gets back..." Our family is the same size (with nearly identical driving habits;)

    And about the squirrel...when we were at Sea World (Orlando) a squirrel bit a little kid IN A STROLLER who was in no way provoking him and didn't have any food. Crazy!

  2. I understand the driving thing. It was one of the deciding factors for us to stop overnight when we drove from FL to NY.

    A note about Florida weather from someone who lives there... Our weather is REALLY unpredictable at the moment. One day it's great beach weather, the next it's pouring rain, the next there's a chill in the air, the next you think it's a beach day until the wind blows.

    I think what I'm getting at is you have to pack for all weather, which isn't going to help your packing frenzy. :( You CAN skip the winter coats and ski gear tho. ;)

  3. We pack the same way! And all the leading up to packing. Hub does his laundry, I do mine plus kids.

    We've yet to embark on our first family of 5 "field trip" for any length of time in the car. (2 hours max so far.)

    We have a trip planned on the horizon--this summer-- that will entail cross-country.

    I better start packing now...

  4. Love this post! Yes, my hubster seems to take 5 mins to pack, and I am sorting through the rest!
    Have fun!

  5. Oh Wow! I'd love to escape winter right now and head down to Florida. Have a great trip!


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