Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Road Test

There are a few "hot topics" that seem to creep up every few days around here.  They are irrational, random and amusing.

Most of these discussions hail from the Gymnastics Queen and LLG.  They are an entertaining duo.

Recently there has been genuine concern over what kind of drivers they'll be.

Why this is weighing on their minds I have no idea.  It's a decade away.

Maybe it's because as they grow they are becoming more aware of their surroundings.  And it doesn't take much "awareness" to realize my driving skills leave little to be desired.

I'm great in my little hometown.  I get around like a champ.  But trouble hits the minute I cross over into uncharted territory.  I've been cursed with an awful sense of direction. 

I also struggle if there is any obstacle such as a mound of snow or a parked car in my way.

And forget about any spacial issues such as squeezing into a parking space.  Or backing up down a narrow driveway.

One night I de-mirrored a car as I drove my dad's Suburban home from a Tom Petty concert.  The 'burban was full of drunkards and the road was narrow.  There were cars on both sides, parked up and down the street.

Halfway down I encountered a sideview mirror.  Ripped the sucker right off.

Needless to say everyone found my misfortune quite amusing. 

Driving is not my strong suit.  And it looks like my munchkins are already concerned they will inherit my driving disabilities.

Sometimes I worry they already have inherited my driving disabilities.
Dude, you have a person hanging off the back of your car! 

At least I can guarantee I won't be doing any behind the wheel teaching when my munchkins hit 16.

Hubby will be all over it.

And I shall thank my lucky stars my poor driving skills have finally benefited me in some way.

Well, some way other than me never having to drive when we go anywhere.  I'm sure Hubby is already considering taking the entire 19 hours behind the wheel when we drive to Florida.

I can't blame him.  My sense of direction would have us in Missouri.

And so for the next decade I will be reassuring my munchkins they will be fantastic drivers.

And I will silently pray this will truly be the case.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Mommyhood Footnote: I will never own a car without back up sensors again.  I love them like I love clearance racks.

Tuesday Train!


  1. Oh Jodie, so funny! I hope (wishful thinking?) that my boys are coordinated like their dad. Not like me. So I can relate totally to this post. But we have purchased our very first new car. And it has a GPS AND a reversing camera. I'm in girlie heaven! xx

  2. My family has the directional disorder which I, fortunately, did not inherit. I don't mean they get a little bit lost, I mean if they make a left turn - even in the small town they grew up in - they are COMPLETELY lost. My aunt is so bad that she has to get off the highway at her "regular" exit and then get back on going in the same direction on the same highway to get where she's going. No, you didn't read that wrong. It really doesn't make any sense. {SIGH} I am already pretty certain that Oldest Boy has this 'syndrome'...

  3. OMGosh!! I'm laughing so hard....LOVE that picture!! Praying that we don't have any similiar issues on our roadtrip SOUTH!!

  4. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! LOVE the picture!!! Dude- don't you know there's someone hanging off your car?! ;)

    I have no sense of direction either. It's sad. And got very lost this past weekend.. so now the girls always ask if we are lost when driving home from the store down the street. :)

  5. This is HILARIOUS! And so true for our family too. Hubby will do all the driving lessons!


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