Sunday, February 27, 2011

Road Trip: The Conclusion

We just drove 19 hours.  It stunk.

We left Florida and it was a pleasant 70 degrees.  At 5am.

We arrived home and it was a miserable 34 degrees.  At 12:30am.

The highlight of this time-never-passing-drive was seeing my aunt and uncle in Virginia.  They are lovely people.  We met at this gigantic mall and ate a quick dinner.

Oh, and another highlight was LLG inquiring if Santa Claus dies in quicksand.  

The low point of being stuck in a box for 19 hours that was headed to frigid temperatures?  The Gymnastics Queen announcing her urgent need to use the toilet while we were on a four lane highway in Washington DC.

We had no where to pull off.  We would be at the mall in ten miles.

Ten miles was 1/2 mile too long.  She puked her tiny guts out from holding her potty.  And from riding in the backseat.  And from sunshine withdrawal.

The boys shrieked and I tossed our car goodies around to get her a bag.

Afterward the car smelled phenomenal.

And then we suffered through another 5 hours of stale car air before we were home.

A major bonus was that my munchkins behaved.  They were champions.  This ride could have been much much much worse.

It could have been laced with "Are we there yet?" inquiries and whiny "he touched me" complaints.

I shudder at the thought of bad car behavior for 19 hours.  Hubby may have jerked the wheel in the Carolinas if we had that nonsense going on.

To summarize:

Road trips are not fun when you are on your way home.  They stink like monkey butts.

Have a rockin' Sunday.  All of Mommyhood shall be sleeping until Monday morning.

Try not to miss me.

Mommyhood Footnote:  I love my bed. 


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  2. That sucks. When we went with just 3 kids we got the stomach flu. WHILE at Disney. Baby Girl (who had just turned 1 two days before) ended up in the ER for dehydration from puking her guts out. Side note: If you ever need an Emergency Room while there, GO TO CELEBRATION. I have never had better treatment than what we received there. And I've been to the ER a lot in my day (but thankfully not with the kids). I posted this "story" a few months back (August) if you want to read it...

  3. OMG That sounds like HELL! Ahhh! Glad you made it home in one piece. Barely.


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