Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Travel Buddies

Our Disney Vacation is rapidly approaching.  I'm packing.  Planning.  Unpacking and repacking.  And changing our plans.

I'm an indecisive mess.  

Have I mentioned I'm a Libra? 

Our bedroom has a corner reserved for the bags I packed for this trip.  It has grown out to the center of the room.  I have bags for the front (snacks), bags for the trunk (more snacks), bags for the roof rack (clothes and snacks) and bags for each munchkin for the ride (entertainment and snacks).

With four munchkins you can never be too prepared.  You can also never have too many snacks.

I'm also feeling gratitude for our travel buddies.  Friends of Hubby's from college, we have become so close we are family.  I have blogged about them before.  They are quite "blog-worthy".

They have stuck with us through Disney Vacations and road trips to the beach.  We have navigated airports, sat through delays and spent hours trying to locate rental cars. 

They still vacation with us even though our family has grown.  And grown.  And grown.

Why they haven't "de-friended" us by now I'll never know.

I will now share eight  reasons why they we love them.  I have more than eight, but I have breakfast to make.
1.  We don't scare them.  But I'm pretty sure Krista (KRock) is searching for a Valium in this picture.
2.  They aren't embarrassed to be seen with us.  And we're embarrassing.
3.  They also have a desire to broaden their horizons.  We do this by seeking out strange events such as Lumberjack Festivals.
4.  We enjoy the same things.  The ladies shop and eat Auntie Annie's pretzels and the men golf, go to the bar and drink la cervezas.
5.  They are not cheap bastards like another person I know.  This other person is me (gulp).

They invest in necessities such as beach tents that my munchkins would otherwise have to do without.
6.  They do things like get in the pool on vacation and make "trains" with the munchkins.  I love this the most because this means I don't have to get in the pool.

I don't do pools unless the temperature is that of bath water or it is 110 degrees outside.  I'm a "jump in jump out" kind of girl.
7.  They own a boat.  Please make friends with someone who owns a boat.  Make friends with them even if they stink.  
My friends don't stink AND they own a boat.  I'm so lucky.
8.  It is not uncommon for us to dress our munchkins the same. We have style.  We dress them in jumpers. 
This girl wishes she had a jumper. 
And so with a 20 hour road trip ahead of us I am grateful they are crazy enough to join in the fun.  They could vacation in peace with their two munchkins and yet they torture themselves. 

But we laugh.  A lot. 

After all, every trip is an adventure.

 It may be mass chaos, but an it's an adventure just the same.

To read more about our trip, click here and here.


  1. Knowing Jodie, her comments are most accurate and filled with love for all~!

  2. i just laughed out loud. i think i need to find myself some travel buddies...i'm on the hunt. and SO jealous you guys are headed to disney.

  3. You are brave...I don't do boats. Never been on one, and don't really plan to ever go on one. Though I keep telling hubs I want to go on a cruise, but that requires me getting over my irrational fear of boats.

  4. I've given your blog an award! Come check it out!

  5. So so awesome to have friends to go through it all with! xo


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