Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waitress Extrodinaire

Tonight I went from folding clothes and running returns to taking orders and running entrees.

Yes, it's true.  I broadened my employment horizons and turned waitress.  Tonight was my big debut.
The past few nights I was having nightmares about how to serve Irish Coffee and "firing orders" into the chef.

I fretted over how spicy the chili was and how many wings were in the appetizer.

I was driving myself crazy (it's a short drive) imagining the menu inquiries from my customers.  I needed to get a night under my belt to calm my nerves.  The anticipation was killin' me.

Mama don't like what she don't know. 

And so after nibbling on Wheat Thins all afternoon I showered up and rolled into my new place of business.

I worked a six hour shift and I only waited on four tables all night.  And let me tell you, four was plenty.

Even with just those four tables, I was busy my entire shift.  I am grateful that my first night was slow in terms of business.  I'm fairly certain that my "goo goo ga ga" mommybrain couldn't have handled much more action.

One more table and it may have short circuited from information overdrive.

The highlight of my evening was my first table.  My parents, brother and sister came in for an early dinner.

I cannot accurately express my love for these fine folks.  Waiting on them was good for the nerves.  And for my morale.  

I can say with confidence my service was merely mediocre and Dad still left me well over a 20% tip.

They make me smile.

Luckily there was no stand out low point of my evening.  No wine dumping on any unsuspecting senior citizen.

I managed to hang in strong with all the more experienced folks who juggle six tables without breaking a sweat.

But at approximately 7:30pm, EST, I almost lost a plate overflowing with a hearty Irish Breakfast.  I caught the plate just before it slid off my arm and splattered black pudding all over the floor.

I felt this plate sliding off my arm as I struggled to maintain my "I've been doing this for centuries demeanor".  Mid stride I managed to save it from falling by bending down and catching the edge of the plate on a table.
A man dining at the table behind me enthusiastically chimed in, "Whew!  Nice catch!"

I was so glad he noticed.  It was an impressive save.

And so I survived my first night as a waitress.  No catastrophes to report.  Just one near miss and a few forgotten soups.

Not too shabby for my first time out of the gate.

HaPpY tHuRsDaY!

Mommyhood Footnote:  I will never turn my nose up at Dr. Scholl's again.  Those ultra farty black slip on shoes saved my feet from severe aches and pains this evening.

Dr. Scholl's, I praise you. You make one heck of a shoe.


  1. Sounds like a great save on the plate! Hope the new "career" goes well!

  2. I knew you could do it :) I'm sure there will be many more stories to share. AND NO BLACK PUDDING for this girl when I come in!! YUCK!!


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