Friday, March 4, 2011

5 ? Friday!

Howdy Folks!

I just got off work and it was Country Music Night.  LOVE country music.

I also love people who dance regardless of whether or not there's "dancing".

We had two ladies line dancing between tables and a couple slow dancing by the hostess station.  The line dancing was gettin' a bit complicated.  The ladies were having a bit of difficulty finding the necessary space.

But the slow dancing was workin' out just fine. 

I love to see people having a good time.  Too many grumpy bugs in this world.  It really makes me happy to see people enjoying life.

And dancing because they feel like dancing.

Anyone else singing Leo Sayer right now?

You make me feel like dancing,
I'm gonna dance the night way.
You make me feel like dancing,
And it's five question Friday...

I'm already suffering from the tired sillies so I'll get on with it already...

Five Question Friday

1. Have you ever forgotten your child in a store or at school?

Oh nellie.  No.  Talk about giving me a heart attack.  But I did lose LLG in a store once.  The little rascal was hiding in a clothes rack.  And when the entire store was locked down he was then too afraid to come out.  I ran around freaking out like a lunatic, with my heart in my chest, screaming at everyone to call the police.

I was never so happy as I was that moment we found him.

Did I mention I was at the store because I was applying for a job?

They never called.

2. Where did you go on your very first date? (Like...first first, not first with your spouse or current significant other!)

Wow.  I have no clue.  I guess it wasn't too much of a hot date!

It may have been the movie True Lies.  I was a freshman and a senior asked me out.  He was hot and I was too nervous to be cool.  

I was also fourteen.  

That may have put a cramp in things.

3. What's your "silly" fear? (We're not talking water and heights.)

Fears?  Tough to say because what is silly to one is a valid fear to another.  

Am I afraid of clowns like some other grown adult who lives in my house? 


But I certainly don't like heights, and I fear losing anyone close to me.  Especially my munchkins.

If anything ever happened to any one of them you can just put me in the ground.  Toss me in.  Cover me with dirt.  There would be no hope for me. 

4. Confrontation: do you cause it, deal with is as it comes, or run far far away?

I run like lightening.  I avoid confrontation like my munchkins avoid shots at the doctor's office.  Confrontation actually makes me sick to the stomach.  Sick to the core.  I can't even function around it.  

I'm such a weakling

It's actually more of an inherited trait.  My family is a "sweep it under the rug and let it blow over" group.  We're so chill we could be ice pops.

It may not be the best to resolve issues but man does it keep things civil.  And fun.  

And like there's an elephant in the room sometimes.

But it always blows over.  Always.  Time has a way of working things out just like it has a way of healing.  Time has magic powers.

5. Wood floors or carpet?

Four munchkins and a dog demand WOOD FLOORS.  

It's a lot easier to clean spills, dog droppings and food mashed on the floor when the floor is wood.

If I never had to steam another carpet it would be too soon.

Random picture from my computer time!
My Sports Fanatic enjoying the beach two summers ago.  He is a wonderfully content old soul.

He is wonderful period.
And holy moly I have spring on the brain.  

It's bad. 

Wishing everyone a rockin' weekend. Enjoy time with your family and friends!


  1. LOVE your answers! Especially your concluding statement to question #1!
    I also like the "sweep it under the rug" idea. It would help a lot of people if they applied it when confrontation wasn't really necessary. =)

  2. My somewhat unreasonable fear is that I'll have to choose which kid to save. This is what motivated me to work out - because I want to be able to carry them all in case of emergency. Yes, I know I need help. {SIGH}

    And I'm usually very non-confrontational too unless it's something I'm passionate about. Like coffee. Or wine. Or chocolate.

  3. I have so many irrational fears it's ridiculous but they are all valid fears to me.
    I'm going to come to where you work and dance..just promise not to laugh!


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