Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Biggest Loser: Last Chance Workout

*This is NOT a sponsored post.  I'm just sharing with every beautiful person who I love dearly who actually reads this blog.  That includes you.*

This week I have rededicated myself to the treadmill and to Jillian Michaels.  It's time I got back on the horse.

My focus is on the sad condition of my butt post Disney World.  Disney added some junk to the trunk.  Some jiggle to the jello.  Some sh'banny to the fanny.

No amount of exercise could have prevented the inevitable five pound weight gain.  

But I did exercise in Florida.  I ran every day I could.  I made every effort to burn every extra calorie I ingested.  I wasn't successful, but it felt great to run outside again.

I haven't run outside in months.  My runs have been limited to the treadmill since winter arrived.

The treadmill doesn't hold a candle to running out in the great wide open.  It's very frustrating to run and run and run and never go anywhere. 

It's kind of like cleaning my house.  I clean and clean and clean and it's still a mess.

To break up the treadmill runs, I turn to The Biggest Loser's Last Chance Workout.  I first added this DVD to my workout regime last summer for days when I couldn't get out and run.

With four munchkins home in the summer months outdoor runs need to wait until Hubby is home. 

And there are many days Hubby can't get home in time for me to run before work.  Or to run before dark.  Or run before gymnastics.  Or football.  Or before I just want dinner and ice cream.

Sometimes working out is tough.  Which is why I added a DVD I could do in my pajamas to my regime.

And this workout changed my body.  I tell you no lies.  It firmed up some very key areas that were rapidly becoming frightening.

I hate to frighten people.

Jillian takes you through a thirty minute workout that burns calories and tones the muscles.  The workout moves fast, since each interval is only 30 seconds.

Just when you think you can't do another cross punch the exercise switches to something else that stinks.

And every time you want to rest you see people who never exercised in their lives, who still are on their weight loss journey, doing every minute without stopping.

They give you no excuses. 

I stick to thirty minute DVDs because I can't exercise in my living room for any longer than that without freaking out about laundry.  Or dishes.  Or phone calls I need to make.

The "What should I be doing?" state of mind plagues me.   

Truthfully I truly enjoy this workout, and because it's High Intensity Interval Training  (HIT) you burn calories for hours after the workout is over.

It's a muscle toning, calorie burning tool I am sharing with anyone who is still reading this rambling post.

And so The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout gets the award for my favorite workout that is not a four mile run. 

And it gets the award for jiggle minimization.  A very prestigious award I might add.

Have a fabulously fabulous Hump Day!

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  1. i definitely want to try this!
    i have the 30 day shred but i always love new videos! thanks!

  2. {SIGH} I'm just not a Jillian fan. I know, I know, but after her comments about the mommy-body I just can't stomach her any more (I know, she claims they were "taken out of context" but I ain't buyin' it). Maybe I could take my intense feelings for her and convert it into energy during the workout? Hmmm...


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