Thursday, March 3, 2011

The "Mommy Club"

Yesterday I posted about my favorite DVD workout, Last Chance Workout.  The workout is led by Jillian Michaels.

One of my "Mommy Blogger" friends mentioned how she has not felt the same about Jillian Michaels since she made those.....da da da dummmmm...."comments" last year.

 Yes, I'm a year late to this party.  Story of my life.

Jillian mentioned her desire to adopt because of what having a child does to the body.  She couldn't "put her body through that".

First of all, I'm not here to judge.  I don't play that game. 

But Jillian's comments got me thinking.  I almost hurt myself. 

What happens to your body once a baby is in your life, biological or otherwise, is nothin' compared to what else is comin'.

I thought I knew what to expect when I had my first baby.

Man, that's a laugh.

I thought I knew about the lack of sleep that comes with having a baby.  I had NO idea about the lack of sleep.

There is no sleep!  Ever!  Not even when the baby sleeps!

Mommyhood has blessed me with the ears of a hunting cat.  When I sleep I can hear every cough, sniffle, bad dream and noise that might be an intruder breaking in at any moment.

I have a flair for the dramatic.

Noises aside, I can expect at least one visitor each night with a random comment, complaint or sickness.

My favorite middle of the night visitor was my nine year old son a few months ago.  He woke up petrified because he heard noises downstairs.

He thought someone broke in and started a band.

Normally this would amuse me but I was groggy.  So I just flagged him into our bed.

It's my standard move.  Flag them in until Hubby demands they return to their own sleeping quarters.

And new sleep habits are just the beginning.  Don't even get me started on random findings such as toothpaste on walls.  How?  Why?  Don't they just put the toothbrush in their mouth and brush?

Rascals.  All of them.  Dirty little rascals.

And as for the post munchkin physique?

Sure I thought about my body post baby.  For about five seconds.  And the five seconds went like this:

Yikes!  Look at my stomach!  Ah, what a shame.  Did the baby poo yet?

I could give a hoot about my loose tummy skin.  It's loose for good reason. 

Anyhow, I still love Jillian's workouts.  And one day she'll have a lot more on her plate than exercise.  And everything extra on her plate will rock her world.   She'll love it.  Even when it stinks.

Yes, a munchkin (biological or otherwise) changes your body.  It changes your soul.

Changes your life.

Your memory retention skills.
Munchkins change you forever.  Suddenly never eating out again in peace really doesn't bother you.

But wasting a diaper?  That really ruffles my feathers.

Now I shall attempt to grab a few hours of light sleep, with my ears on full alert for visitors or ax murderers.

And tomorrow I shall take an arse kickin' from Jillian Michaels via exercise TV on Demand.

Hope your Thursday is divine!

Mommyhood Footnote:  I think adoption is phenomenal.  And all of the above applies regardless of how a child comes into someone's life.  I still love Jillian Michaels.  I just want her to know once you have that baby, even if you didn't birth it yourself, your body will become second in line.  Along with a shower and clean bedsheets.


  1. The toothpaste on the wall made me giggle....just yesterday I found some on the light switch and wondered how in the

  2. Didnt know Jillian said that...wonder if it was out of context...I also wonder if I had a multi-million dollar career would I want to stop in the middle of it? I loved having my own son, but adoption is a great way to help the planet and help one small life.

  3. Kathy, I agree with you, I actually just tweaked a few sentences in my post to make sure I was articulating my point correctly.

    I wasn't really focusing on her "comments" as much as I was pointing out how everything changes after baby. Body is just the beginning. :)

    And many of the changes are blessings in disguise.

  4. It actually was taken out of context. I follow Jillian on twitter, and she actually explained herself right after the comments were released. She explained that she thinks motherhood is a wonderful thing. She had a lot of issues with depression and emotional issues due to people's cruelty about her weight as an adolescent. It took her years of working to get her body to where it is, but she is afraid that although her body would be able to recover that she would have to deal with those old depression and other mental and emotional side effects that come along with the changes in her body type. I know that when I work really hard for something, I am not ready to disregard it. Would motherhood change her? Definitely. Would she love it? I am sure. Would it be worth? Yeah... of course. But she hasn't been there, so she doesn't know all of that.
    I don't think that we can judge why a person makes the decisions that they do. I chose to stop having children after my second child, because I had depression after my first, and then it progressed even more after my second. I couldn't do that to myself again. I was immobilized by my depression and anxiety. I couldn't leave my house. I withdrew from my friends. I couldn't do that to myself or my family again. Do I expect everyone to understand that? No. But if I stated that I couldn't put myself through having more than 2 children, I would hate to be judged because I didn't explain my reasons more thoroughly.
    As to all of your comments about mommyhood, Jodie... I completely agree! Motherhood changes you more than you could ever guess it would. Thanks for your cheerful blog each day that lets me know that there are other mommies going through the sleep deprivation and memory loss that I live in! :)

  5. Lara, very very true. And as I mentioned to Kathy, her "comments" and her reasoning is not for me to judge. I just wanted to point out that body is just the beginning if all the changes, as you made clear as well. Everything you went through proves that much more can change after baby - things you never even consider!

    We're not here to judge. We're all here to wander around aimlessly wondering where we left our keys. And find then in the toy basket. :)

  6. Love, love, love this post! You are right on the money! I think if we all only knew the cons to motherhood without knowing the pros (which FAR outnumber the cons) we'd all be childless lol

  7. I think motherhood is not for everyone but when you make a statement about body image in relation to motherhood and your CAREER is about body image, people (women) will listen. She said it, whether she back-pedaled and defended herself or not is irrelevant to me. I didn't really like her to begin with, but that sealed the deal. It doesn't change whether she is capable of being a good mother or trainer but it changed my view of her. Her opinion and desire to adopt are hers and no one should judge them but she really had absolutely no business making the statement that it "ruins" your body when she can't speak from personal experience.

    The point is, as you said, she's not in the "club" so she can't really know. In other words, she should have kept her mouth shut about mommy body! Oh, well. I don't usually put much stock in what celebrities say about anything so I'm filing this under that category.

  8. Looovveee this post! After having babies, just birthing them and without feeding or changing them- your view on life changes instantly. And sometimes people make comments about things that they know nothing about, which seem to be people without children.

    Ohhh.... the cat ears! Isn't it crazy how you hear something so tiny as the first cry of your kid... and you are up! Just instinctly??


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