Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Gymnastics Queen

The Gymnastics Queen can be tough,  I tell you no lies. 

I have never experienced a two year old like my Gymnastics Queen.  She was brilliantly naughty.  She was smarter than I was and it drove me insane.

She mentally exhausted me because I constantly had to out-think her.

Over the years she has remained tough.  Resilient.  Smart.  

More than once I have begged the Gymnastics Queen to stop talking.  I just plead with her to be quiet.  My brain can't take any more information and yet she delivers it at warp speed.

It's complete information overload.

She's also emotional.

And without looking she always knows whose cup has the most juice.  And if there is any hidden "merchandise" in the shopping cart.

Its remarkable and so very annoying.  I cannot trick this chick.

But she also never leaves the house without making her bed.   Or her homework.  Or brushing her hair and matching her clothes.

My boys just kind of exist and make noise.  Hair brushing and underwear are optional.  They also wrestle and throw couch cushions.

Oh how I despise flying couch cushions.

Like all my favorite women, my Gymnastics Queen knows how to care about people.
She's gentle and she's patient.
And as hard as she can make my days, she makes them that much easier.

She's a helper.  And a phenomenal big sister.
I am forever thankful to have her in my life. 
And one day the Moopa will share this sentiment.  Because the Gymnastics Queen will have shared so much with her.

Such as a sincere love of bubbles.
And as much as I try to teach my Gymnastics Queen, I always feel as though she (and all my munchkins) teach me more.

Wishing you a Wednesday full of unexpected lessons.


  1. How sweet! And lucky you for having such a wonderful girl. Good job!

  2. She is going to be a teacher one day.....I just know it. Or maybe a nurse :)

  3. I really enjoyed this blog entry! Your creative writing made this very relatable. Thanks for sharing!


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