Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The leprechaun has visited our house and wrecked havoc.  Pictures are upside down and things are out of place.

But he was kind enough to leave the munchkins St. Patrick's Day socks and some chocolate gold coins.

It's the least he could do.

The munchkins also get to enjoy a day off of school today.  The school calendar calls it a "Superintendent's Conference Day".

Now that's a laugh.  What's are the conferences about?  Beer?

And as for me?

I gladly took a shift at work this evening since I don't drink.  It just felt wrong making young waitresses in their early 20's bring everyone else beer.  We all know that today they want to drink the beer, NOT serve it.

And so I am donning my green Guinness tee and heading into work this afternoon.  It will be a real money making hoot n' nanny.

I may need a drink by the end of my shift.  And maybe a Valium.  I'll take the Valium and wash it down with the Guinness while I count my money.

On second thought, I'll just count my money and head home for mint chip ice cream.  Because it's green.  And I love it.

Have a fabulous St. Patrick's Day!  Drive safe, and watch out for leprechauns. 

Those tiny men are crazy I tell you.  Crazy.  I lock my doors every year and they still get in and wreck the place.

Much to my munchkins' delight.

Have a good one!

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