Tuesday, March 22, 2011

His Kilt Was in a Twist

Sunday night at work the mood was light.  It usually is in an Irish Restaurant.

Bagpipers had strolled through a few times and the Irish music was a'plenty.

But one bagpiper stayed until night and he had a few too many.  Unfortunately for us he was not a happy drunk.

We've all seen those folks.  And we play musical chairs to avoid them at weddings.  A mean drunk is the worst kind of company.

This one bagpiper had been drinking all afternoon.  He approached myself and another waitress at the hostess station at approximately 9pm, EST.

He was looking for our manager.  He then forewarned us he was about to complain and we could try to stop him if we wanted to. 

He did not state this in a friendly manner.  This caused me worry, because I abhor rude people and I abhor conflict of any kind.

This deplorable man then looked at me, and eloquently said "wipe those worry lines off your forehead" and "look at all those awful lines on your forehead, wipe them off".

Excuse me?  Did you just really tell me about my wrinkles?  Seriously? 

It is a good thing I am slow to realize when someone is being rude to me.  I'd like to think this is because I am very non-confrontational and believe with all my heart people are good.  And kind.  And that they would never harshly alert me to the state of my forehead.

But sometimes people are nasty.  And luckily by the time I processed his nastiness the exchange was over.

I am certain you are wondering what his complaint was, and what on Earth could cause a jolly bagpiper to be so disgustingly disgusting.

I will quote him so you can understand the severity of the situation.

"I want to hear The Streets of New York.  NOW."

Oh, forgive us!  A music request!  Such a pressing issue I can completely understand your need to count the wrinkles on my forehead and alert me to how many are there.

By the way there are four lines, one for each of my munchkins.  And until I can afford a cosmetic procedure I will wear them with pride.

I hope that man and his skirt never run into me and my car in a dark alley.  We'll see who has the worry lines then.

I wish you all a worry free Tuesday.  Because worries can crease the forehead.  Or so I've been told.

Mommyhood Footnote:  I am far too jolly and lighthearted to allow the deplorable bagpiper to get me down.  I honestly don't think I even gave him a second thought until I decided to blog about his rudeness.  I just had to share the encounter.  

If I had a picture of him I would have shared that as well.

And I would have used my photo editing software to draw a bullseye on his wrinkled forehead.


  1. Rudest encounter I ever had: I had my 2 girls with me and Little One was less than 3 months old. An old guy asked me, "Boy or girl?" (clearly the pink socks weren't an obvious answer...) I answered proudly, "Girl!" He said, "I don't know why people don't just get a puppy." Oh, yes. He did. All of my smart-aleck comebacks came to me about 5 minutes to late. I blame it on lack of sleep. {SIGH}

  2. Your blogs are hilarious! I enjoy reading your posts and can most often relate. Wrinkles, dark circles under my eyes, and a little mufin top....I wear them ALL with MOMMY PRIDE!!! Ok, honestly, I could do without the muffin top;)


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