Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just a Little "Dog"

 Every time I walk into my daughters' room I smell "dog".

Just a little.

Our dog is a cherished member of the family.  She's an easy, lazy, quiet animal that only demands attention when she is hungry.  When she is not hungry she lays around all day.  She is quite the underachiever.

There is enough noise and attention demands in this house.  The munchkins could learn a thing or two from our dog.
Georgia causes few problems.  The most bothersome aren't even her fault.

She has a snorting issue that is rather unladylike.  This issue is most annoying when we are trying to sleep.  The good news is that she normally vacates our room by midnight in search of a munchkin to snuggle with.

The bad news is this makes for beds that stink of "dog".  The only remedy for dog stench is to wash the bedsheets.  And the comforters.

I despise stripping beds.  It's right up there with unclogging toilets.

The other downside to Georgia is how unbelievably considerate she is.  Rather than wake us to go out at 2am she'll just tinkle on the carpet in the girls' room.

Just a little.

Four years old and Georgia will still surprise us with accidents every few months.  Despite diligent cleaning, this makes for carpet and carpet pads that stink of "dog".

When the weather warmed up last spring the smell became more offensive.  Every time I opened the door to the bedroom the stench smacked me right in the face.

I cringe at the thought.  And I've tried it all.  I have used Febreeze and steam cleaned every carpet in this house.

Yet the smell remains.

I don't do "dog".  There is enough clutter and cleaning to worry about without Georgia's personal odors infiltrating the house.

I have worked seven shifts this week in an effort to fund new flooring in the girls' room.  I have decided I can't take it any longer.

I am glad to report I'll be calling for a flooring estimate tomorrow morning.  I'll dig out my stash of waitressing cash (that I would much rather spend on patio furniture) and fund a new floor.  A much needed, non-smelly floor.

And my loving, snuggly, considerate, lazy stinky dog will have to sleep in the crate.  We still love her dearly but I have made it clear no one is allowed to pee on my floors.  Munchkins included.

Have a fabulous Sunday!  Another week is upon us....

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  1. I would go for hard wood floor and a big area rug :)


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