Monday, March 7, 2011


The beginning of a new week is upon us.

Mondays are wonderful because the munchkins have school, which means I can actually accomplish something.

Mondays are awful because I have to get up.  The munchkins have to get up.  And we have to function and actually accomplish something.

I never knew I could love accomplishing something and despise accomplishing something simultaneously.  But I do because Mondays exist.

My first reaction when I wake up on a Monday is, UGH. I have to get up and accomplish something.  What time is it?  Need to be making breakfast by 8:10am or we'll miss the bus...

and if we miss the bus I have to dress myself because there is no way on God's green Earth I am driving there lookin' like this....

and if I drive to school I should really just go to the store because I'll already be out...but then I need to shower because I'm a total train wreck and I should have some self respect...

why am I not up yet?  And why am I talking about self respect?

But after the Monday bus pulls away (if they all made the bus) Mondays begin to turn around.  I have some skip in my step.  Some strut in my stride.  I get my act together and get Moopa dressed.

On a real good day I'll even give her a hairstyle aside from a barrette.

And then me and the Moops hit the town.  Or Target.  Or the grocery store.

Or I run about 25 loads of laundry and stack the clothes so high in the baskets I can't lift them.  And then I have to leave them for Hubby to bring up two flights of stairs.

I think I do that on purpose.

This Monday is for laundry.  And vacuuming.  And for accomplishing.

Ack and hurray.  Simultaneously.

I wish you a Monday of many accomplishments.  Or not.  I wish you whatever your preference is. 

HaPpY mOnDaY!

Mommyhood Footnote:  Need a quick Monday "pick me up"?  Put on a Power Ranger suit and jump in puddles.  

At one point in your life this was fun.  Maybe it still is fun.  No judgements here.

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  1. Think you need to blog about Mondays that end up being snow days :)


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