Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Munchkins Have Superpowers

My munchkins have superpowers.  Their senses are unparalleled.

No matter what they are doing, or where I am hiding, they always know when I'm on the phone.  Always.

And once they locate me they have burning questions. 

Complaints that can't wait. 

They follow me around and whine that they need me.

This never fails.  Ever.  I can't remember the last conversation I had that wasn't interrupted by a tiny person with an immediate need. 

And their powers don't end there.

My munchkins can smell dessert from rooms away.  And they always need a piece.  Or a taste.  Or their own serving.

Even when I'm out to eat or at a party I look over my shoulder for dessert hunting munchkins.  The suspense is frightening. 

I've been known to hover over my plate and hide.  Or I sit in silence in the hopes I can eat undetected.

Along with an impressive sense of smell and a knack for making phone conversations near impossible, those buggers are FAST. 

Their speed is best displayed when I am cleaning the house.  Moopa follows behind me and messes faster than I can blink my eyes. 

She is faster than lightening and extremely efficient in emptying drawers. 

Despite their speed, my little rascals are also skilled at moving slowly.  This is best displayed when I am in a hurry or when we are already late.

Their favorite time to move in slow motion is when we have any type of appointment.  They are slower than snails when they detect my need to be anywhere official.

And they make their lethargic pace seem so effortless. 

It's fascinating.

My munchkins forever amaze me.  Every day I'm in awe of them.

Superpowers are just the beginning.  And despite all the inconvenient powers that come naturally to them, I would have it no other way. 

Food stealing, phone interrupting, "make me late" behavior and all.  They truly know how to make my day.  Every time.
Mommyhood Footnote:  Guess what?  It's almost the weekend!  Woot Woot!


  1. :D another post to let me know of all the fun things I am yet to experience as a mother!

  2. I was at a family reunion once with the 3 kids I had at the time and no husband with me (he was probably feigning illness...). I looked up while we were eating and a very distant relative (as in, I don't know who she was) said, "Now I know why you're so thin!" I said, "Why? Because I didn't actually get to eat anything that was on my plate all by myself?" She said, "No! Because you NEVER SAT DOWN!" Aha! Kids! The ultimate diet!


    ...story of your life


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