Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picture Dilemmas

Does anyone else have this problem?
Hundreds and hundreds of lovely, carefully taken family pictures just wasting away in boxes? 

Beautiful handmade cards and ticket stubs saved as momentous waiting for a home?

Bathroom mirrors sprayed with water drops and toothpaste waiting to be windexed?

Sorry, wrong dilemma.  But I have that one too. 

I made it until I had three munchkins to completely disregard all photos waiting to be placed in albums.  I say this with pride.  I fought this battle hard for years before I threw in the white towel.

I am now approximately eight months behind on the family albums.  And I see this dilemma getting worse, not better.

I think I would rather pay someone to organize my mess of photos than to scrub my toilets.  Toilet scrubbing I can accomplish on mommy auto-pilot, with no thoughts in the brain.

My usual toilet scrubbing thoughts go something like this,

Seriously?  Oh this is disgusting.  How did this get behind here?  Should I save this hair tie or toss it?

Photo organizing I have to remember dates, events and who was in each picture.  This is because I am anal retentive and can't just slide photos in sleeves,  There has to be order.  It has to make sense.

I have to think so hard I'm afraid I may hurt myself.

And so I decide to leave them untouched, in the boxes they came in.  It's an awful system that creates a cluttered mess.

My new route is to order photo books.  No more loose pictures.  Unfortunately I'm still eight months deep in photos regardless of my new photo book system.

I'll add the photo dilemma to the garage dilemma, the basement dilemma and my storage room dilemma.  Any new dilemmas (you hear me hall closets?) will just have to get in line.

Have a dilemma free Thursday!

Mommyhood Footnote:  My sanity is hanging on by a thread.  If the sun doesn't come out soon and melt this white fluffy misery that is outside my window I may take my hairdryer to it.  I don't even think I'm joking.  It's too early to tell.


  1. I, too, would be in misery if it were still cold out. Here in south GA, we woke to 66 degree weather at 6:30 this morning. It will be in the 80's by the afternoon! I can feel the cold weather blues melting away!
    As for the photo dilema... at least yours actually made it to paper form. Mine are all still digital on my computer, waiting to be backed up to the external harddrive. At some point, I "plan" on ordering photo books, but am so picky that after an hour of designing, I give up to move on to something more productive, and the dilema goes untouched.
    And as for the hairtie.... use my favorite motto: "WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!!!!"

  2. I hear ya on the cold weather! I can't take too much more myself. As for photos, I'm 18 months behind. I still don't even have many printed. Most of them are stored away in my hard drive for no one to ever see. Its a shame. The only people that see most of my pictures are my facebook friends. Pretty pathetic. My mom has been begging me for pictures that she can actually hold in her hands for months now! I'm working on it....hahaha. Love your blog Jodie, you make the everyday mommy stuff funny. Thank you.

  3. I might have everyone beat......I have a scrapbook started for my now almost 10 y.o., but it's only completed to his 3 mo old pictures.......Maybe it could be a wedding gift some day????


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