Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Random List

1.  I love when it rains at night.  Especially in the summer.

2.  I prefer to eat with small silverware.  I eat cereal and ice cream with spoons that I hide in my utensil drawer.  I like to ensure they are always available for me to use.

Hence the hiding.

3.  When I prepare a bowl of ice cream I need to have at least two flavors and one topping in the bowl.

4.  Clutter and mess drive me crazy.

It's a short drive.

5.  My parents are the most helpful, supportive, selfless people I know.

6.  I am a total and complete "Twi-Mom".  Or "Twi-Hard".  Or as Hubby calls me, "Twi-Tard".

7.  I am on Team Edward.

8.  Whenever I have to buy dog food I have no coupon.  The day after I buy dog food a coupon arrives in the mail.

This never fails.

9.  I had all four of my children without the assistance of drugs.  I went "au naturale".

It was the most 4 most painfully rewarding experiences of my life.

10.  They do not give rewards for natural childbirth.  The reward is a baby.

11.  I can't stop a list at #11.  This would keep me up at night.

12.  My first car was a Jeep Wrangler.  Stick shift.

I am eternally grateful my parents insisted I learn to drive a stick shift because it's awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend!!  Off to a Gymnastics Meet today, wish my little girl good luck!


  1. HAHA! You crack me up!! I actually want to have my children au naturale... I have no idea if i have the courage to do this but i am hoping! Most people (that know) think i am crazy. Oh-well!

  2. Cute lil list. Weird things to keep documented...but great lil memories!

    Hope your daughter does well at the meet...Yeah!!!

  3. My dog food coupon ALWAYS comes right after I buy new also!! Grrrr... Why is that??? :)

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