Monday, March 14, 2011

Riddle Fun

The Gymnastics Queen is quite fond of riddles. 

Her teacher has a "Riddle of the Day".  Every morning there is a riddle on the board, and the students have until the end of the day to solve the riddle.

My little girl diligently writes down every riddle and answer at the end of the school day.  

And guess who has to then solve these brain teasers?

You got it.  Me and my mommybrain.
 And after approximately 100 days of school this year, I am ashamed to admit I've only solved one.

Just one.  I'm a complete and total riddle solving disgrace.

Below I am listing some of our favorites.   

Post a comment with how many you answered correctly! 

(answers below)

1.  What did one eye say to the other eye?

2.  Looking out the window, what did Mrs. Claus say to Santa?

3.  Why did the Alligator bring a ladder to school?

4.  Why is six afraid of seven?

5.  How do you wake up Lady Gaga?

1.  Something smells between us.
2.  It looks like rain, dear (reindeer).
3.  He wanted to go to high school.
4.  Because seven eight (ate)  nine!
5.  You "Poke-her-face" (Pokerface)

Well, how'd ya do?  Happy Monday!


  1. I knew #s 3 & 4, Jodie~! Do I get a prize~? (hahaha) I love to read your blogs~! They are so refreshing and realistic~!Keep up the fine work~!

  2. Haha! I got a couple of them, but #4 made me groan! That is one of our favorite jokes to tell our kids, but my 6 year old can never tell it right. It normally ends up, "why is 3 afraid of 4? Because 3,4,5." He just doesn't get it.... At only 6 years old, we have ruled out a career as a comedian. The sad thing is, he wants to be funny so bad.... and ends every joke with, "was that funny? Was it?"
    So sad...

  3. Only one for me....7, ate, 9!! Oldie, but goodie!! How about this one??
    How do you stop an elephant from charging??
    Take aways it's credit cards......LOL!!
    One of Ty's favorites :)


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