Sunday, March 6, 2011

She Must Be Mine

Let's set the stage before I post the picture.

Whiny, crying Moopa.

Hanging on my leg.

The girl wants Lucky Charms.  She has never had Lucky Charms.  Yet she has retrieved the box from the pantry.

There must be something about this box that is telling her about everything in life she is missing.

And there was something about the whiny, crying, hanging on my leg that forced me to just say, UGH! Sit here and you can have a handful!

And so she did have a handful.  Of marshmallows. 

It was a classic "eat n' run".
One taste of tiny marshmallow and the rest wasn't worth eating.   Eat what you like and leave the rest behind.

I have the same philosophy.  Yes, this girl is mine.

Have a totally awesome Sunday!


  1. Love those marshmallows too! I finally quit buying Lucky Charms because I was tired of throwing away the whole box of actual cereal.

  2. Good news, you can buy just the marshmallows!

  3. Ha we are the same over here. :) I used to give Nate these in a snack trap when he was like 2 and he would sit forever working to pick out the marshmallows, it's a great time killer. haha

  4. Tyler use to do that. I would have to remind him that he had to eat some of the "crunchies" too or I wasn't buying it anymore!!


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