Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Cupcakes

I love Easter.

A few years ago I constructed what is now my standard Easter cupcake.  It included almost everything my sweet tooth desires.
Frosting, chocolate M&M eggs and peeps.

If I could somehow get mint chocolate chip ice cream into the centers of the cupcakes I would call them perfection.

But no can do.  So they will have to be almost perfect.

I call these cupcakes Chicks Layin' Eggs.  And as with most everything Mommyhood, they're easy but intended to impress.

And if you bring them to Easter everyone will eat them.  People have no shame grabbing a cupcake.  No one wants to be the person who cuts a slice of cake, but anyone will grab a cupcake.

One of the many joys of preparing desserts as single servings.

Easter Cupcakes
Prepare cupcakes according to box instructions.  Or, to change it up try my twist on boxed cupcakes:
Attention: This is NOT a cupcake

Vanilla Frosting
Green Sugar Crystals
Assorted Peeps
Chocolate eggs (M&M's are my favorite.  Robin's Eggs work as well)
Wilton Icing Colors (optional).

I use this to tint icing because it doesn't change the consistency.  

I made these cupcakes with and without tinting icing so as not to discriminate against kitchens without icing tint.

I know, I'm so kind.

In small bowl, tint icing green (or not, depending on icing tint availability)

Generously frost cupcakes.  Please frost generously or we can't be friends.  I'm not even kidding.

Pour green sugar into separate bowl and roll edges of cupcake in sugar.
Place two to three chocolate eggs on cupcake.  Add some frosting to bottom of peep and place on top of eggs.
And now for my Easter Cupcakes photo shoot.  Just wanted to share how fabulous they look before they are devoured.  
 Mommyhood Footnote:  It is a miracle there were enough chocolate eggs left to prepare these cupcakes.  For every one that made it under the tush of a peep another two made it into my mouth.   

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  1. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. LOVE these cupcakes! Can you please send me one now. One hour delivery?!


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