Monday, April 25, 2011

A Mommyhood Easter

Yesterday was a whirlwind of Easter activities.  To accurately portray Easter over here at Mommyhood, I shall do an hour by hour breakdown of our day. 

Try to stay with me here...

7:45am:  Munchkins in pajamas are lead into the backyard which has been peppered with Easter Eggs.  That Bunny is good.  Real Good.
8:15am:  Eggs have been emptied and prizes have been piled according to each munchkin...
8:25am:  Munchkins scamper off in search of their almighty Easter Basket....the Gymnastics Queen is victorious within minutes....
9:00am:  Once all baskets have been found and munchkins are happily playing, I head out for a 4 mile Easter morning run.  Preventative Easter Day measures.
11:00am:  We arrive at my mom and dad's.  Every year they prepare two large egg hunts.  One is for munchkins.  One is for adult munchkins. 

Little munchkins hunt first.
Once little munchkins have baskets overflowing with eggs, big munchkins are let loose.  10 eggs a piece.  Do your best to not be the last man looking for that last egg. 

Did I mention my parents live on 13 acres?  On a mountain? 
11:45am:  Once all 100 eggs are accounted for, we celebrate with our annual "J. Crew" photo. 

"J. Crew" is a very special kind of photo.  Don't look at the camera.  Look elsewhere.  Look unassuming.  Look like you are modeling for a J. Crew magazine.

12:00pm:  Adult munchkins open their 10 eggs and discover a sticker inside each egg.  Inside matching coordinating envelopes there are prizes.  Many of these prizes are scratch off lotto tickets. 

We sit then sit together and scratch.  Lotto tickets that is.

12:45pm:  Brunch is served.
1:30pm:  Munchkins receive baskets from their grandparents. 

Grandparents have a way of making everything special.  Grandparents rock.
2:00pm:  I fall asleep on the couch and digest my brunch. 

The day continues with more food, more family and more fun.  I am still recovering from my trans fatty sugar coma and attempting to make sense of the mess that is my house.

Hope you had a Happy Easter! 


  1. Haha! Your post definitely made me laugh! I think your family must be as goofy as mine with the J Crew photos and adult Easter egg hunt! My grandma still does an Easter egg hunt for the grandkids each year. Nowadays it has become extremely competitive, though! The average age of the hunters is about 22 and it is a free for all! She lives on a big farm and we all run until we can no longer breathe to see who can find the most! I'll be posting pictures from our Easter celebrations yesterday on my blog later on today!

  2. My kids are uber competitive and at 10 and 13, who found more eggs was the order of the day! Glad you all had a fun egg hunt and hopefully no tears were shed! I love the lotto tix idea--might have to incorporate that one in future celebrations! LOL! And the J.Crew pic is totally hilarious. Have a great week!


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