Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Natural Highs

I remember in eighth grade we had a class assignment to fill one sheet of paper with "Natural Highs". 

It was in Health Class and the purpose was to focus on everything that can make you "naturally high".  No need for substance abuse.

I still remember sitting at my desk, and I wondered how I would fill an entire piece of loose leaf paper with "natural highs".

But I did.  Easily. 

Seventeen years later and I still remember sitting in my room soul searching for everything simple that made me happy.  And once the words came, they kept coming.  And coming.  And well, you get the idea.
It's a wonderful exercise.  Life is so busy for me with my munchkins, the house, work and everything that needs tending to. 

Some days it's dinnertime before I even know what day it is.

But I'm happy.  Busy and happy. 

Life is full.  Plentiful.  Abundant.

But I don't sit very long and think of all the tiny pieces of my day that fill me with joy.  The pieces of my day that fill my tank to keep going until I fall into bed.

This rainy morning I'm thinking of some "Natural Highs".  Comment and join me. 

Natural Highs
The smell of spring.  Christmas morning.  Going out for ice cream.  Swimming.  The way the sun feels on my face.  Chocolate.  Family.  Munchkins.  Hugs.  Snuggles.  Hubby.  Hubby bringing me ice cream.  A clean house.  A good song on the radio.  And exhilerating run.  A long talk with a friend.  Laughing so hard my stomach hurts and no noise comes out.  Inside jokes.  The way my mother's kitchen smells.  My dad's jukebox.  Disney World.  The sound of the crickets in the summer.  A warm summer evening.  Watching my son play football.  Taking my daughter to gymnastics.  Date nights.  Watching my munchkins dance.  Peace and quiet.  Church.  Being with my siblings.  My blog.  Giant soft pretzels and an ice cold Diet Coke. The way my hair smells after the salon. Bedtime.

Anyone else?

Wishing you many "natural highs" to keep you going this Tuesday!


  1. holding a newborn minutes after you give birth....listening to a baby breath....

  2. Riding on a roller coaster. Seeing those two pink lines on that special test. Watching my son create art. Love. A child's smile or laughter. Seeing a long lost friend. Holding a baby. Playing with a puppy. Dancing! Sunsets and sunrises.

  3. Jodie, here is my blog post with my natural highs. I linked your blog over on mine. Thanks for the idea and I love your natural highs. :)

  4. Being able to help someone. Making someone laugh. Tight squeezes. My children giggling. Lilacs. Riding bike. Digging my toes in the sand. Flying kites. Clear, blue ocean water. Warm choc chip cookies straight from the oven. Soft newborn baby skin. Awwww.....I could go on and on :)

  5. I love this post Jodie, I could use a reminder of some of life's highs today. XO


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