Monday, April 4, 2011

One Skill at a Time

Every year I make goals for my munchkins.  I started doing this after I had three munchkins and I realized skills like riding a two wheeler were falling by the wayside.

Everything was about playing outside, homework, activities and family time.  Life got busier and busier. 

And one day when I was packing my four year old a sip cup with his snack for school I realized I had to take things up a notch.

Every so often I needed to dedicate some time to helping my munchkins accomplish small skills like juice boxes.  Bike riding.  Shoe tieing.

The more munchkins you have the harder things like swim lessons become.  The thought of dragging my four munchkins to the high school pool two afternoons a week is about as pleasurable as walking on hot coals.

The suits.  The towels.  Crossing the parking lot.  Walking them down steps.  Trying to watch while Moopa runs all over the bleachers.

Doing it all over again to get them back in the car.  And this time they all are wet and need to change when they get home.

Please stick needles in my eyes.

I need a valium and I haven't even signed them up yet.

To make life skill teaching more manageable I set small goals for each munchkin. 

I started this when my Sports Fanatic was seven.  That summer he had to learn to ride a bike without training wheels. 

We worked on it every so often and he was riding by August.

The next summer he had to learn to swim.  And the Gymnastics Queen had to learn to tie her shoes. 

Check and check.

Now it's LLG's turn.  This year is his year to become a master "shoe tie-er".  We worked on the "x" a few times and the bunny ears.

And yesterday he wasn't allowed to wear his regular velcro sneaks because he stepped in dog poop.

I don't clean dog poop sneakers.  It makes me throw up in my mouth. 

I buy new sneakers or make Hubby clean it. 

Until I could buy new sneaks (dog poop ones were old anyway) LLG had to wear sneakers with laces.

And so we sat for a few minutes yesterday and practiced.  And this morning he was at it again before school. 
It looks like this year we'll get shoe tieing under our belts. 

One thing, one munchkin, at a time.  By the time they fly the nest we should have covered all shoes, swimming, bike riding and maybe even roller skates.

Hopefully.  And if not they are on their own. 

Happy Monday!


  1. That's a great idea! Do you have it written in your mind or do you hang it somewhere so the kids can see?

    Also, just saw your 'Mommy Sweat' definition!!! Gunna steal it (quote you, of course)-- too awesome not to. :)

  2. That's a great idea! My son (who is forty- something) tells everyone I locked him in his room for two weeks until he learned how to tie his sneakers!!! Lot of good that did...he still walks around with his sneaks untied!

  3. Excellent! My kids have to do certain things by the time they start Pre-K and then a different set of things for Kinder, and so on. We have zero bike riders, though. :( One step at a time!


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