Monday, April 11, 2011

What I've Learned so Far

I've learned much in my just about ten years as a mommy.  Very much.

And I am still learning.  Every day.

I've learned that laundry is never-ending.  The dishwasher is much the same.

I've learned that Dads are capable of diaper changes.  And middle of the night shifts.  And housework.  They'll have their own way of doing things, but it usually works. 

How it works I'll never know.  But it does.

There is an age, around two, when munchkins start to act like miniature people.  It's fascinating.

I need to let my munchkins do what they are capable of doing.  I am doing them no favors if I make their beds and clean their rooms.  I am only handing a poor unsuspecting future roommate someone who expects things to be done for them. 

I've learned that Eggo's are much more convienent than homemade waffles.  On a weekday anyhow.

Fresh air does wonders for my munchkins.  

Fresh air does wonders for me.

I just have to accept the fact that my floor will never be clean.  Even if I just washed it, it will never be clean. 

My munchkins could be busy as bees playing and the minute I sit down to talk on the phone they need me.  This never fails.

Sometimes a ponytail will just have to do.  A baseball cap works as well.

Mondays are bittersweet.  The week begins again, but the house is quiet. 

I crave quiet.

Happy Monday...wishing you a wonderful week....


  1. Hope you have a great Monday also. I loved your post. I was sitting here reading nodding my head yes to what you were writing.

  2. I could have written this too--esp. the one where they only need you the minute you sit down on the phone or something else that you meant to do!!! Arggghhh! I get to enjoy quiet while mine are at school and I can tell you, I miss the "noise" and buzz of the house when they are home.


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