Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cake Boss: A Cake Review

I've mentioned it was my daughter's 8th birthday recently.  I have been feasting on leftover cake for days.

It's quite unfortunate considering bathing suit season is basically here.

What I've failed to mention is that the 1st of her two birthday cakes came from none other than the "Cake Boss".

Yessir.  You read that correctly. 

The back story goes something like this:

A few months ago Hubby mentioned he knew someone at work who knows someone who works for the Cake Boss. 

Hubby then casually tells me if we ever want a cake this guy can get us one.  Just let him know a few weeks in advance.

Uh, excuse me Hubby? WANT a cake? I wholeheartedly believed he deserved a dead arm for treating such a connection so casually.

Instead of a dead arm I immediately informed Hubby exactly what I wanted for our daughter's birthday cake.

I then called Hubby every Tuesday to inquire how the order was coming along.

And so last week Hubby went to the Cake Boss to pick up our cake.  He went with his friend who knows the Cake Boss' brother. 

That morning I had given Hubby my camera and told him to take pictures. 

LOTS of pictures.

He took none.  He is a man and he is not keen on embarrassing himself like I am.  He also told me he went through the back door and RIGHT into the kitchen.  He didn't think pictures would be appropriate.

Ugh. Add another dead arm to his tab.

Anywho, the moral of the story is that I have the pleasure of reporting I have eaten cake from the "Cake Boss".

My review of this cake is that it was phenomenal.  It was fresh.  The buttercream was just sweet enough and homemade.  With love. 
 But the real standout was the fudge filling.  Oh Nellie.  Calgon take me away and drop me in the middle of a Cake Boss cake with fudge filling.  I will eat my way back to civilization.

It goes without saying a cake from a bakery such as Carlo's is divine.  But would I pay full price for this cake?

No way.

As long as the buttercream icing is sweet and plentiful and the cake is fresh, I will take a cake from Price Chopper any day of the week.

For 1/4 of the price.

Sugar is sugar.  I have always been a cheap date, and my dessert preference is no different.  As long as I don't need an intricate design, less expensive works for me. 

After all, it just gets eaten.

But if you have the chance to purchase anything from Carlo's bakery, I guarantee you will be pleased.  More than pleased. 
We've all seen what these people can do from their show.  I can now add that not only are the designs superb, the taste is as well.

But for anyone not within Cake Boss vicinity, rest assured there are less expensive desserts (just as delicious) around every bend. 

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