Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dance Recital Cake

Ah the almighty dance recital.

It is that time of year.  I have seen many a munchkins in their finest recital costumes scampering around town.

My parents will never know how thankful I am that they sat through those recitals.  Hours and hours of dance routines.  And I was in just one.  For about three minutes.

I am thankful because I sit through four hour gymnastics meets and watch my little girl compete for all of four minutes.

I've averaged it at one minute an hour.

Amazing how we can only understand all our parents have done for us until we're a parent.  

Anyhow, with dance recital season upon us, I was thrilled to get an email with this fabulous cake.
This picture was taken in my dear friend's Kimmy's kitchen.  This cake was made from scratch, by her.

Time consuming and very special to celebrate her daughter's 1st dance recital.  Together with the flowers and trophy I would swear I was flipping through Country Living Magazine.

Truly picture perfect.  A fabulous idea to make a double-decker cake adorned with ballerina cookies.  And trimmed with pink frosting.

My friend Kimmy is an artist.  She is a "Jack of many trades".  She bakes, keeps her house and takes the most breath taking photographs. 

Oh, and she's a doctor.  She is the same wonderful friend who erased five years from my face with Botox and Juvederm. 

How she finds the time to be so fabulous I'll never know.  But how refreshing to know we all know Moms like that, and they are so inspiring.

Wishing you the inspiration you need to do something wonderful this week!

Mommyhood Footnote:  My dear friend Kimmy also has a sister.  She is one of my oldest friends and she is just as fabulous.  Cheers to their mom, because she did one heck of a job instilling homemaking skills that put many of us to shame.  And cheers to their dad,  who introduced me to the world of hedge clipping.  I'd go over for a playdate and end up landscaping his yard. 

I owe all my yard maintenance skills to him and my dearest dad.  With the looks of my yard some days they should have made me mulch more often and clip more hedges.

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  1. What a gorgeous cake. I could never in a million years make something like that.


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