Monday, May 16, 2011

An Eighth Birthday: Makeover Party!

A few weeks ago I had a discussion with my little Gymnastics Queen about her upcoming birthday.  This discussion revolved around me trying to sell her a very "low key" party.

In my mind I sounded convincing.  The party I was describing sounded like a great time.  A few friends and an outing such as a nail salon.

My daughter listened quietly before she spoke.  And when she spoke she chose her words carefully.

Her words indicated that she felt she has been shafted in terms of birthday parties.

I gasped in disbelief.

The party when I made goodie bags for her cousins and brothers and hung a pinata wasn't up her alley?

What about the rager at Michaels Craft Store last year?

I thought Michaels was fabulous.  Fabulously affordable. 

Anyhow,  my baby girl is no fool.  And she made some very valid points.  She spends much of her time at gymnastics, reading and getting her homework done.  And her brothers have had parties with "many people in the yard".

She left me little room to argue.  It was time I threw this chick a party. 

I work with a wonderful girl who just happens to be a Cosmetologist.  My Gymnastics Queen has long said she wants to be a Cosmetologist when she grows up.  And one day at work I had what Oprah describes as an "A-ha Moment".

I asked my friend at work if she would be willing to come give several 8 year old girls "makeovers".  We talked about hair and nail designs.  We discussed what would be fast, fun and appropriate for 2nd graders.

And so the "Makeover Party" was born.

We invited 14 girls with the assumption at least 3 or 4 would regretfully decline.

One declined.

And so I had 14 girls with my daughter included.  I was concerned this would be mass chaos because of the foggy memories I have of my older son's parties.

I have tried to block those out.

But the party was a roaring success.  We set up a "makeover room" and the girls chose numbers when they arrived.  Three at a time, starting at numbers 1,2 and 3 they went in for hair, nails and light makeup.

The makeover room had a table with nail polish selection, nail decals, eyeshadow and lip gloss to choose from, fancy hair clips, glitter hair spray and the "hair chair". 
The girls waiting their turn played bingo, hot potato and freeze dance to super cool hip music.  I had set up a raffle table with small prizes like lip gloss, chalk sets and hair accessories.  The girls playing the games won raffle tickets for the raffle table.  This kept them interested in playing the games.  Which kept them from running wild.

What they didn't know was that everyone would have a chance to choose a prize from the raffle table.  But the more tickets you won the better your chances at being chosen to pick a prize first.

It's all in the details.

And so in just under two and a half hours, we had 14 girls who played games, ate pizza and cake and had "makeovers".

I also had one birthday girl who was over the moon about her super awesome, "big" party.

And for me?  I was just happy to have a nice group of girls, great friends to help, and leftover cake in the fridge.

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  1. Happy birthday! What a fun idea!! And what a COOL mom you are! :) Brownie points!!!


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