Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Garden is Born

Last year LLG made a pretty penny selling his tomato cups.  His garden yielded more cherry tomatoes than we could ingest. 

And so we sold them.  To family and friends of course. 

We filled clear plastic cups with tomatoes and we printed labels.  Each cup was $0.50.  Once his business got rolling he was making weekly deliveries to family members.

A win-win.  The tomato garden maintenance kept him busy, he learned about supply and demand and he made some money.  Oh, and everyone enjoyed tomatoes.  All summer.

You can read about our entrepreneurship here:  Little Entrepreneurs.

The weather is finally garden friendly here and I knew we needed to get LLG's garden planted.  No need to disappoint his customer base awaiting summer deliveries. 

Yesterday he came running off his kindergarten bus and I had a surprise for him. 

Tomato plants.  And Miracle Grow.  And a garden shovel.
He spent the next hour enthusiastically planting his small garden.  Ah, let me rephrase.  WE spent the next hour planting his garden.
His job is now to remember to water the plants.  My job is to remember to remind him.

And when they tomatoes are ripe we shall package them up nice and cute. 

And raise the price to $0.75/cup for inflation.

Happy gardening!

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