Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day...

Mother's Day passed without a blog devoted to Mother's Day.

There is something MAJORLY wrong with this picture.  I'm a "Mom Blogger".  I blog about being a Mom.

Mother's Day should be like Christmas in the "Mom Blogger" world.

But, with surgery last Friday, flag football Sunday morning and work until Sunday night, a Mother's Day blog was never accomplished.

I'm behind the eight ball.  Again.  Story of my mommy life.

I just had to email the Gymnastics school because the yearbook page was due last Wednesday.  And as I finished my doorbell rang.

It was the man who services our boiler.  He was at our neighbor's house working on their boiler.  And since I'm 2 months overdue on a service he checked in.


And my daughter's homework never was finished last week.

Throw a wrench like surgery into my semi well-oiled routine and everything falls off track.

And so with apology - I wish every Mother a very Happy Belated Mother's Day!  The handmade cards and plants that come home from school are truly the most treasured in my home.  I hope yours were plentiful.

I truly feel being a mother is a privilege.

It is also not for the faint of heart or the weak.  You better show up every day or those tiny people will eat you alive.

There are late nights and early mornings.  Long days in the yard playing and piles of grass stained laundry.  Endless school lunches and snacks.  Playdates and birthday parties.  Grocery stores.  Cleaning.  Grocery stores.  Cleaning. School functions and clubs.  Sports.  Lessons.  Heart to heart talks and instructions on how much toothpaste is appropriate for a single toothbrush.  Power struggles with people who only stand as tall as your knees.  There is noise.  Lots of noise. Sibling rivalries and Wii battles.  All clothes for Moms are purchased at discounted prices.  And that's if there's even enough money left over to buy yourself new clothes.

But man, those hugs are killer.

And those wet kisses can make any day better.

Wishing every Mom a year of killer hugs and plenty of wet kisses.

If your munchkins are above the age of eight we'll just go with killer hugs and standard kisses!

The "Mom Club" is one exclusive place, thanks for sharing it with me!

Me and My Totally Awesome Mom Who is one of the Most Generous and Selfless People I Know!  Thanks for showing me the ropes Mom, you are one phenomenal example!


  1. We have the toothpaste conversation And I bought a workout jacket (in case it was raining at the race) for $2...and I'm absurdly proud of that!

    Your mom truly looks like she could be your sister. That makes hubby a lucky man! ;) Happy Belated Mother's Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!!

    WOW! That long list made me tear up???? What the heck? Motherhood also does that to you! :)

  3. Happy Mother's day to you too!


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