Monday, May 2, 2011

Houston, We Have a Cavity

My little Gymnastics Queen has had a cavity for a few months.

When we went for our cleanings in August, we were informed we needed to come back and have a cavity filled.  I envisioned Novocaine needles and drilling...and decided it was the perfect assignment for Hubby.

But as the months passed I neglected to make the appointment.  There is something about making phone calls for a purpose that my body naturally resists.

A phone call just to B.S.?  I'm all over it.  But heavens forbid I need to call the insurance company, schedule an oil delivery or make an appointment.

These tasks seem to go undone until they are needed.  Such as when there is no heat or there are complaints of mouth pain.

Since I neglected to schedule the dentist for my Gymnastics Queen over her school break like I intended, I had to take her out of school today.

And since I was fairly certain I would not be back to make the kindergarten bus by 11:30am, LLG stayed home as well.

So this morning we put my Sports Fanatic on the bus and the rest of us piled into the Mom Mobile for a trip to the dentist.

Our dentist is a dear friend.  We adore him.  Our visits are enjoyable except for the minutes spent in his chair.

Under his bright lights.

With drills and sharp scary plaque picks.

But today, with Novocaine needles and drills galore, my little girl didn't even flinch.  Not one cry.  Our dentist friend was ecstatic.

I'm sure prior to our arrival he was having flashbacks about when my Sports Fanatic came in for a mini root canal three years ago.  This tooth also started with a small cavity.  But I already mentioned how long it takes me to call for appointments. 

Anyhow there was much thrashing.  Equipment flew across the room.

Afterwards our dentist friend explained the importance of children learning to be good patients. It was not a high point in my mommying career.

But today my little girl hit it out of the park.  She is one tough cookie.

Our family name has been redeemed.

Afterwards I happily took my good patient and the other two maniacs for groceries at Walmart.

I spent the next hour trying to remember what to buy while Moopa cried for a piece of everything I placed in my cart and my Gymnastics Queen cried about her "tingly mouth".

And then the only behaving child tripped on his shoelace and did a face plant into the side of the metal cart.

We left Walmart with only 1/2 of what we needed, one black eye and many 1/2 opened packages of food courtesy of Moopa.

And can I tell you I am not phased?  These munchkins can not break me.

But man am I looking forward to a more chill Tuesday.  Hope yours is the same!


  1. Wow... Thanks for the laugh! What a great story! That reminds me of a close call we had at Walmart! We decided to get a new toy for our approximately 10 month old and I put it in the cart. He was strapped securely into the child seat on the cart. My husband and I continued to shop and as we were both analyzing one package we hear a MEGA CRASH! We spin around and my baby is hanging from his feet from the child seat into the back of the cart! His shoes were the only thing that stopped him from smashing his forehead into the bottom of the cart. He just NEEDED to see the new toy! I've got a maniac, too! Walmart's cart seatbelts should really attach at the bottom by the baby's hips rather than under the armpits!

  2. oh
    I'm sorry for the rough day. I'm just like you, in that, I wait until the last minute to schedule and do things I don't want to do.

  3. I just awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out at ! Congratulations!!


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