Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just Another Day in Mommyhood

Over the years I have become desensitized to the circus I have created.  There is much craziness at times.

And what is strange to some is usually par for the course 'round here.

I have learned to overlook the small stuff because there is plenty of big stuff to keep me busy.  

And I have done my best to let my munchkins be themselves.  Does it really matter if LLG dresses himself with a clip on tie and sandals with socks?

Who am I to tell him what looks nice?

When they play and create I try with all my might to let it be.  Not to interfere.  To let them dream big. 

Naturally there are moments I have to guide them.  There are times I have to dress them.  There are times I can't WAIT to clean up their creations.

Their imaginations can make for tough housekeeping.  I thrive in peaceful, serene, UNCLUTTERED spaces. 

Oh Nellie these are rare at times.

The upside to this "let it be" battle is those moments when I see how differently they see the world.  Sadly there are many days I don't stop to smell these roses.

But the other day I did.

On my way up the stairs my end table lamp caught my eye.
What on Earth?  Were there figures in there?  Since when?  And why? 
I felt the need to examine the situation more closely.  And I also felt the need to question the closest munchkin.  Purely for entertainment value. 

"Are these figures in here for any particular reason?"

Closest munchkin turns and nonchalantly responds, " Oh, those guys are in the chamber of evil."

Ah, forgive me.  What a perfect chamber.  How could I never have noticed that before?

And rather than be worried about my lamp looking clean or about where those figures really belonged I walked right by them.

Well, I photographed them first. 

And then I let them suffer in the chamber of evil.

Thank heavens for munchkins.  They truly have a way of seeing the world in a different light.  And when it isn't making my clutter radar go nutty it's truly refreshing.

Wishing you a refreshing Wednesday!


  1. This is such a fabulous story! I love it: Chamber of Evil. I think we have a few places here that I'd never noticed before, but that my boys just love to post things! But that one takes the cake! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Kids really do have the wildest imaginations; if only we say chambers and not dirty lamps!


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