Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Being Kids

The past few days have been busy.  Hectic.  Chaotic.

But somewhere in the hectic pace my little Gymnastics Queen was able to just be a kid.

She's a kid every day, but on Saturday she was a kid the way I remember being a kid.

She played in the grass, barefoot, and huddled with her gymnastics friends. 

They circled around and held hands.

They laughed.

And they were just being kids.  Uninterrupted, carefree kids.

Her gymnastics banquet was one of our many weekend events.  It was a relaxing and rewarding end to a competitive season.

And it was most definitely the high point of my "run from here to there" weekend.  A complete breath of fresh air. 

Watching those moments keeps the crazy in perspective.  And I am so very grateful for every one of those "keep the perspective" moments.

Wishing you many of them this week!


  1. I am most confident that your children have excellent role models, you and your husband,to whom they look for guidance~! You are a most wonderful person, and I was blessed to make your aquaintance, Jodie~! Your blogs often bring me laughter and tears, because they all come from yoiur heart~<3

  2. That's great! I was a little gymnast, too! I loved it and wish I had never quit! She'll remember these memories forever!


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