Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trouble With Cleaning

I clean regularly.  I despise clutter. 

Dishes in the sink throw me into a tailspin.  Counters peppered with papers, toys, pencils and garbage inhibit my abilty to focus.

Basically I am a total pain in the arse if you live under my roof.  You better watch where you leave your stuff because if I'm not in the mood its garbage.

To the five other members of our household, I apologize.  But I can't live with mess.

The trouble I have with cleaning is that I neglect to clean anything I can't reach.  I'm a vacuuming, windexing, bathroom cleaning, floor washing champion.

But please do not look up. 

Do not examine my light fixtures, fans, curtains, wall hangings or cabinets.

Today, for the second time since living in my current home I wiped down my kitchen fan and light fixture.  I have lived here four years.

And I can say with confidence that my mother, who abhors dirty light fixtures the way I abhor clutter, has been cleaning it on the sly.

Because for two years of build up that sucker was pretty clean.

Mom, another reason I love you.  You constantly give without looking for any credit.  And you also taught me all I know about cleaning.

I'm sorry I have chosen to ignore anything that requires a chair, a significant reach or curtain removal. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening!


  1. I've been waiting for my mom to clean my ceiling fan .. that I don't think I've cleaned since we moved in (almost 3 years ago). I know, disgusting! You are a lucky duck! :)

    Now only if I had your drive for cleaning...

  2. I can't remember the last time I washed windows at my house (and I have lived there for almost 13 yrs) THANKS to my momma :) She's right up there w/ your mom!! THE BEST!!


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